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The selection of the fan coil to note
2012-08-22 by seoer2

 Foreign fan coil samples will give different external static pressure of the air flow and cooling capacity, to facilitate the users to choose. Although some foreign condensed sample given only a nominal amount of wind, but its meaning is different from our standard provisions, generally refers to the airflow value under certain external static pressure, so close to the nominal amount of wind abroad, fan coil units, air volume will be higher than the domestic unit 20% to 50%.
Also needs to be emphasized is the use of foreign condensed sample, be noted that the foreign companies often perform different standards, the meaning of the nominal amount of wind will be some differences. Selection, the best basis for a complete and up-to-date sample data, or the amount of wind and cold for money products under different external static pressure requirements supply manufacturers to determine reliability.

    Developed many types of fan coil:
    Select fan coil units, in addition to the cooling capacity to meet the requirements of the solar power air conditioners load, but also meet the requirements of room heat and moisture than required to meet the match of sensible heat and latent heat; air volume required to meet the supply air temperature difference, the number of ventilators and air distribution and other requirements. They serve as expanding the range of applications of the fan coil units, air-conditioned room type difference will be growing. Different nature, the different requirements of the air-conditioned room is not the same, the heat and moisture than cold air volume match should not be static. With different structural characteristics of fan coil air conditioning requirements and the net volume of the same room, due to differences in weather conditions, toward or envelope structure can lead to different cooling load, clearly need to make in order to meet the different needs of the room. Currently use the fan coil, the majority of three rows of tubes, tube 8 per row with a form, apparently can not meet the requirements of the different rooms. Even if the cooling load to meet the requirements, but also there may lead to low load room due to lack of air volume and ventilation Views and caused room temperature gradient and fluctuation amplitude is too large, lower air conditioning precision and comfort sex; If you use the same wind amount of the unit, and may be caused by high load room due to cooling is not enough to ensure that the temperature and humidity requirements. Different use conditions and requirements of the air-conditioned room, you should choose a different type of fan coil.solar powered air conditioning    Some experts advocated the development of two rows of fan coil that can reduce the supply air temperature difference, and to increase the number of ventilators, help to improve the air-conditioned precision and comfort. Same cooling capacity, small temperature difference between the amount of wind blast, will achieve better air-conditioning effect than the large temperature difference, the small amount of wind blast; the coil variety of waterway design. Three rows of pipe coil produced in our country, regardless of length, using the same three three waterways. In order to reduce the water resistance, improve the cooling capacity, the coil shall be of different lengths of the different design of the waterway. Carrier 2 × 8 coil respectively using binary two, three - three and four four three different waterways. These ideas by its very nature is to meet different processing requirements of the room, to be depending on the specific choice applications.