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Ground source heat source air conditioning system favored by the Government
2012-08-24 by seoer2

2011 is the "second five" first year, energy conservation become a government priority. According to incomplete statistics refrigeration Express reporter, air conditioning procurement project in March, the expansion of the Jiangsu Province, Funing County People's Hospital ward floor and podium ground source heat chinese solar water heater system procurement and installation, commissioning and other related services, to 18.08 million yuan The winning bid amount ranks top of government procurement Elevator class Ten winning project in March. Advantage of ground source heat source system based on energy conservation, ground source heat source air conditioning system is more and more the favor of the government.

Ground source heat pump central air conditioning refrigeration Express reporter learned, is divided into two forms of ground source heat pump water source heat pump and soil heat exchanger. The use of renewable energy energy efficient, low running costs, and water-saving province, run security and stability, and high reliability, has incomparable advantages of conventional air conditioning technology. The experts said that the increasingly high demand for building energy efficiency in China. In recent years, large and medium-sized cities are to improve the atmospheric environment and vigorously promote the use of clean energy, including renewable energy. The improvement and extension of the ground source heat pump technology, will meet these needs. The Jiangsu solar power air conditioning, Funing County for its People's Hospital of procurement of ground source heat pump system, to further promote the application of new energy technologies, government procurement policy function to play. Significant role in promoting the development of the air-conditioning system of ground source heat source.