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Chopper trimming structure
2012-08-27 by seoer2

In order to reduce the cost of the converter and the ability to achieve a wide speed solar power air conditioner of the wind power generation system is running, literature based the doubly fed the motor chopper trimming with AC excitation control strategy multifunction inverter topology, the rectifier, chopper and inverters together, the structure clever is chopper and inverter sharing a set of controllable power electronic switches, but due to the introduction of the four-contact type controlled switch, causing the The structure of the main circuit structure is complicated, it is difficult to achieve synchronous speed transition, but also a switching process is difficult to improve the power factor of the generator is higher than the synchronous speed operating conditions. In addition, the literature has proposed a new type of rotor current hybrid control circuit topology and its control strategy, the control method advantages of both the AC solar water heaters control and the rotor chopper trimming method, can significantly reduce the hardware cost of the rotor converter and a control complexity of the technology, and can achieve a wide speed range of the generator is running without transition at synchronous speed, the stator output active entire permissible speed range can be adjusted independently reactive power while the generator output power factor control, the disadvantage is the input side of the low power factor, low efficiency of wind energy conversion.