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to warm the pressure test: selected water pressure or to vote for Pressure
2012-09-03 by seoer2

  Low temperature hot water floor radiant heating (referred to as "water floor heating) system must be pressure tested prior to acceptance. How to pressure test, China is currently the only one specifically targeted to warm the engineering technical regulations --- used to warm floor radiant heating in the technical regulations of the relevant provisions and practice is quite different: the former explicitly stipulates that "inappropriate to air pressure instead of water pressure, the latter uses a lot of air pressure way. This contradictory phenomenon so many warm construction business at a loss. Floor heating system pressure test in the end this in what way? How to look at the floor radiant heating in the technical regulations of the relevant provisions? The newspaper invited several experts in the industry to explore this.

    Point of view: to warm the pressure test: water pressure and air pressure should be read in evacuated tube solar hot water with the

    The author believes that, JGJ142-2004 floor radiant heating technology Statutes "inappropriate to air pressure test instead of hydrostatic test should be amended as soon as possible: to warm the construction of the pressure test, should take a combination of air pressure and water pressure.

    The practice shows that the hydrostatic test can be used to warm the project is necessary to put into operation after the completion of the year, in the construction process. Pneumatic test should be used to warm the project had not put into operation after the completion of the following year, and then the floor heating system hydrostatic test. Otherwise, the remaining stagnant water to warm the pipe will definitely cold below zero degrees Celsius temperature conditions.

    On different occasions over the years, I have for to warm the system pressure test put forward their own views, to appeal to the the construction inspection warm take the form of gas-water combination. And, in my company more than 100 million square meters of floor heating works have taken this test method. In fact, in Beijing as early as the terms of the gas-water combination JGJ142 2004 the radiant heating technical regulations introduced to warm technical standards alone. Later than JGJ142-2004 "floor radiant heating technical regulations introduced" Hebei Province to warm the construction acceptance criteria content of the gas-water combination. Song Wei (The author is the General Manager of Shijiazhuang day warm)

    Second point: the relevant departments as soon as possible to define the pneumatic test conditions

    Are able to use the air pressure test to warm the construction instead of the hydrostatic test? A lot of people talked about this issue, but no final ****.

    JGJ142-2004 "radiant heating" Technical Specification 6.5.4 Article: hydrostatic test should not replace the pneumatic test. In the interpretation of the provisions and the corresponding explanations. I personally think that the floor radiant heating JGJ142-2004 technical regulations "The reason to do such a provision may be out of the consideration of two aspects: First, the characteristics and mechanism of the flow of water and air is not exactly the same, construction air pressure test, in the case of high pressure rigid pipes or metal manifolds once burst explosions may occur, so as to bring security risks to warm the construction. Second is the heat capacity of the air itself is relatively small, its own pressure also changes as the ambient temperature changes, therefore in a temperature change cycle, the pressure variations within the pipeline is relatively large, is not very stable, so that the identification system to warm the difficulty of leaks evacuated tubes.