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Principle of fluorine-free inverter air conditioner resolution
2012-09-05 by seoer2

So-called fluorine-free inverter, in fact, the inverter air conditioner uses the the new refrigerant A410 refrigerant another synonymous. Inverter air conditioner when the product is in the operation of the energy saving effect because the main components of the compressor is used in the inverter compressor has been is its advantage, the compressor uses a refrigerant but also indirectly determine the specific performance of the product when the cooling thermal.

    The new refrigerants A410 refrigerant fact a mixture of two refrigerants, evacuated tube solar water heater in the correct ratio is what we often say of the A410, the inverter air conditioner refrigerant fluorine-free inverter products.

    Fluorine-free inverter product advantages

    Fluorine-free inverter with inverter air conditioner products have advantage, efficient, intelligent, better temperature control effect, energy-saving, stable are fluorine-free inverter products selling point, at the same time, the use of fluorine-free inverter air conditioner does not produce the Earth's atmosphere The damaging effects of the gas, so air conditioning use in their daily lives will be more environmentally friendly. This is a fluorine-free inverter air-conditioned main selling point of environmental health.

    How to buy

    Fluorine-free inverter air conditioner market price positioning is not low, consumers in the purchase to pay-as-you-grow, according to their own use need to buy air conditioning, must not blind pursuit of function, such as the appearance does not match their own usage selling point, pay big bucks to buy to buy, thus solar water heaters unnecessary mistakes consumption.