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Routine maintenance of a heat pump water heater
2013-01-25 by seoer2

1, installed outside the water filter should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the water quality within the system clean to avoid unit damage water filter dirty block.

2, should pay attention to the user in the use and maintenance of the unit: units within all safety devices are set in the factory is completed, do not adjust.solar water heating

Often check the power supply unit and the electrical system wiring is solid, electrical components whether abnormal action, if any, should be timely maintenance and replacement.

4, regular checks of the replenishment of the water system, the safety valve of the tank, liquid level controller and exhaust device is working properly, resulting in reduced water circulation, thus affecting the reliability of the heating capacity of the unit and the unit operation to avoid air entering the system.

5, check the water pump, water valves are working properly, water pipeline and plumbing connections for leaks.

6, the unit should be kept clean and dry, well-ventilated around. Regular cleaning (January-February), the air-side heat exchanger, to maintain the effect of heat transfer.

7, regular checks of the various components of the unit's work, check inside the pipe joints and inflatable valve at the oil slick, to ensure that the unit refrigerant leak free.

8 units around Do not piling up debris, so as not to block the air inlet and outlet, the unit four weeks should be kept clean and dry, well-ventilated.
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