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air heat pump hot water system maintenance
2013-01-27 by seoer2

Set of air source heat pump hot water system, major maintenance object air heat pump, plumbing valves, tank insulation, electrical equipment, water pumps and other auxiliary equipment. Strict implementation including pumps and other auxiliary equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's maintenance requirements, and enhance the life of the equipment, and the early detection of hidden faults and processing, electrical equipment have to draw up a series of effective maintenance program, and to put in place to provide stable control of security for the system to run . Water tank insulation inspection there are no leaks and insulation off regular heat loss detection system for the winter to provide the necessary reference information.solar powered led lights

    So the next list of the main equipment of the system air heat pump with the maintenance crew is multifaceted, part of the air heat pump maintenance and overhaul projects:

    Connection pressure gauge, check the Freon water (fluoride system will be acidic substances, motor winding burn easily). Using a multimeter, check the compressor winding resistance (reduce winding resistance, easy to burn the motor; timely maintenance treatment).

    Megger, check the compressor (compressor steel shell insulation paint burned will leak). Insulation resistance Standing compressor start capacitor (compressor failure, first check start capacitance is normal).

    Freon detection, color and capacity (fluorine system is not clean, dirty block caused by high pressure, the compressor burned out).solar powered air conditioner

    The inspection units circulation out of the water, check the unit the circulation water quality (the device parameters).

    Some fault the air heat pump can be avoided through the day-to-day maintenance. Such as air pump units to evaporation of a low pressure fault, in addition to peripheral devices are not normally caused or working fluid filling unclean air leakage, etc., may also be due to the clogging of the evaporator, due to its clogging caused by the cooling capacity can not be exchanged out, refrigerant can not be evaporated, and the low pressure reduces the same time will cause the ice block, the evaporation pressure will increasingly low, and finally frozen evaporator reduced the amount of water flowing through the evaporator. These reasons mostly found through routine inspection maintenance and process.