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air heat pump heat exchanger coil Corrosion Analysis
2013-01-28 by seoer2

   The metal surface in the surrounding medium (water CL ions) under the action of a chemical reaction or an electrochemical reaction and destruction as corrosion. The corrosion of the pipe outer wall surface is roughened, the accumulation of corrosion products reduce the pipeline over the refrigerant section, thereby reducing the pipeline over the refrigerant capacity. Severe wall perforated pipe sections destruction caused by refrigerant leakage, water heat exchanger coil, compressor water, the product can not be used.

1.2 Corrosion reasons related to the nature of the surface characteristics of the material and the surrounding medium

    The metal surfaces breeding microorganisms promote corrosion. The factors affecting the corrosion rate of the tube outer wall surface of dissolved oxygen of the water, CO2 and Cl ion, Ag2SO4 ion, total dissolved solids, pH, temperature, velocity, humidity, pH, and the conductive properties. The factors that affect the pipe inner wall surface corrosion refrigerant type, moisture content, and wall resistance.

1.3 air heat pump industry heat exchanger coil in China mainly using the built-in immersion, made of copper or stainless steel solar power garden lights

    With the development of modern industry and increasing environmental pollution, water harmful elements Ca, Mg, CL ions are increasingly more the traditional air heat pump water heater due to the heat exchanger coil immersion will be affected by the pressure and local temperature the aggregation increased the CL ion concentration fallout water, resulting CL and the Ca and Mg ions combine to produce the reaction formed fouling corrosion cannula or the condenser coil, and ultimately can lead to corrosion perforation of the coil, the compressor system influent burned the whole scrap. Figure 1 a brass corrosion-kind picture.home solar water heater