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Metal hardware into Triggered Lightning
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Many residential solar water heater is installed, however, many of the solar water heater chinawater heater installed on the roof of lightning protection equipment

In case of thunder "Triggered Lightning" is likely to become a direct introduction of the lightning-bedroom, causing damage of goods and personnel.
    Consulted Hefei owners, Mr. Wang said that the people responsible for the installation of solar water heater by workers, their

Do not know whether there is a lightning rod. Subsequently, the identity of the customer to consult Hefei, a solar dealer, the person said,

The installation of solar energy has not yet set a lightning rod.
    Lightning rod installation dispensable? Reporters yesterday consulting Hefei meteorological department, the staff said, solar hot water

Installed on the roof, a high risk of lightning, mainly the parts of the solar water heater with a metal, especially with

Solar water heater electric heating function very dangerous because of its power lines connecting the indoor and water heaters, two lightning

Large. It is understood that, currently, Hefei, although there is no a solar water heater struck by lightning, but some ov