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Solar thermal industry boost green building
2013-03-15 by seoer2
Renewable energy applications and green real estate to work closely on the road, especially solar products, solar thermal products and the combination of the building can be described with them. In order to further promote the use of     solar collector applications in the construction, in many parts of the introduction of the mandatory installation of solar hot water systems policy. At the moment, the wider use of solar hot water system has become increasingly strong, but because of various constraints of the design units, development enterprises and "ambiguous".
Insiders pointed out that the solar energy and building integration requires cross-disciplinary collaboration between solar companies, design units, developers, and the developers of solar hot water system there are concerns about the lack of knowledge of the designer of the product, solar energy products mostly low-level, manufacturers lack of research and input of solar energy and building integrated systems, which is the current domestic solar hot water industry status quo, but also impede the development of solar energy and building integrated factors.
Solar light and heat combined with the construction will no longer be a simple product, but rather a system, including planning, design, construction, inspection, management, solar energy and building integrated 5. Design units and joint measurement of solar energy companies in the planning and design stage, provides a classic design, the national level can organize construction Atlas, to ensure the rational design of the entire system; in the commercial operation of the process, the tender Qualification, past performance assessment; later maintenance can prolong the period of repair and maintenance, to ensure that the management of late.