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Mechanical exhaust pipe electric water heater
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Thermal roughly DSK structure of the coating heating mode, the DSF structure of the heating mode of the stainless steel liner, plastic liner and copper liner heating methods. The coating heating method is the water flow of the glass tube covered with a coating layer hot film, in accordance with the heating data, the way points. When heated, only the internal heat of fever membrane water absorption, the external heat loss. Stainless steel, plastic, copper liner heat the way the basic principles of similar, are within a heat pipe, the flow of water through the rapid absorption of heat. Plastic and copper liner to use for a long time, prone to the phenomenon of scale and burn. The plastic liner inside the product to surround the heating wire. Liner heating mode heat loss smaller coating heating mode, the plastic liner way the utilization of geothermal energy is not high.

Storage-type electric water heater, water chinese solar water heater  is an electric water heater types. Do not need a big water containers to heat water, do not need to store hot water or very little, but to allow the water to heat up rapidly in the power of the heating body flow from the pipeline output for people to use.

The heat is both unified storage-type electric water heaters is the use of a large volume of water tanks to resolve the contradictions of the heating power is small with the use of large quantities of water. Timely and out of the water, high-power fast heating.

The characteristics of the water heater

But the volume is large; storage temperature is generally higher; longer heating times, storage-type electric water heater installation conditions are relatively low. Sometimes not enough hot water or hot water use up the situation, resulting in waste; to design a variety of capacity to meet different consumer needs, the high side of model types. Storage-type liner of corrosion and fouling problems has been a prominent issue of the troubled development of the industry, especially in areas of poor water quality, the problem becomes even more prominent.

Basic does not require storage of hot water, the flow of heating water tube solar water heater technology principle. So the volume is very small, light weight, design, get rid of the bulky bound superior in terms of aesthetics and fashion. That the power of the electric water heater, heating speed, Green Williams does not need warm-up, which means that the hot, fast and convenient to use. That is, the thermal basic liner, do not need insulation, heat loss is small, energy saving. Another major advantage of thermal heating water temperature is low, basically to avoid corrosion of the water on the water heater.

Gas or natural gas as fuel, gas water heater is the first water heater in China. Through the burning of the occurrence of thermal energy to heat water, to regulate the water temperature by regulating the amount of water, the heating rate is generally faster, but the carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other exhaust gas combustion to occur directly discharged indoors, are prone to gas poisoning, in order to prevent this comedy the occurrence of gas water heaters from time to time improved, the introduction of strong emission-type, flue and balanced gas water heater, water heater on a large level of safe sex, but installation requires holes in the walls of the device exhaust pipe, the device is not very convenience, also undermined the walls beautiful. Water heater device is simple aesthetics also has a comparative advantage.

Applicable conditions, there are limitations on the line of family households have higher requirements, more than 4mm2 copper green \ 20A above the meter, it is best to use the air switch. As a result of these constraints, namely the power of the water heater is generally relatively large. The water heater can not spread quickly.

As the thermal is not widely available, in addition. Production of small, slow development of the market, interest, and the unit price is also higher. Competition than storage-type, fully, quite a mixed bag on the market. Not pass local irresponsible companies have introduced products, product instability, power fast decay of individual products, short life.

Namely, the classification of the water heater

Water heater, there are two: one is mechanical classification from the control of the way. Intelligent control style. Speed ??electric hot water heater intelligent control type CPU central disposal) intelligent control circuitry, temperature gear display and other technologies, reflecting the intelligent and convenient. And heating temperature control, high technology content of the water heater is equipped with temperature sensors that can detect the heating water temperature at any time, and promptly transmit the information to a central disposal, the central disposal will the information displayed by the display in a timely manner into the control, when the temperature exceed the maximum temperature set by the central control system, temperature sensor to the transmission of information to CPUCPU make changes to the heating power or cut off the power to stop the heating action.