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Water heater industry, housing breakthrough in heating
2012-05-22 by seoer2

School metal heating technology, domestic, water heater There are two camps. Those who Blantyre as a symbol of non-metallic heating technology, both sides have been in the industry that take what kind of technology debate. Both sides have their own pros and cons. Blantyre today released game Teng technology will change the existing two camps coexist phenomenon. Industry analysts pointed out that the the Blantyre race Teng heating technology will become a model of water heater independent research and development into the international market. Review of Blantyre decades of development, almost the whole course of the thermal industry in China. Blantyre ten years to build their own position in the industry. Over the years Blantyre product market-oriented technology, to create the first thermostatic water heater, the first pre-namely, hybrid water heaters, water heaters of the first alloy shell, the first speed electric hot water heater, with Blantyre their superb technical guides the technological revolution that is hot industries again and again. Blantyre, deputy general manager of Han Kai, said at the press conference scene the race Teng R & D victory will assist the China water tube solar water heater  into the naive of the water heater industry, if not superb technical production into there is no high-grade products can not be called a real brand. as a leading brand of water heater industry, is rooted in Shenzhen, a 'technical' Blantyre has the responsibility to promote the development of the hot water heater career.

August 30, <August 30. Has been plagued by the water heater heating industry bottlenecks finally a breakthrough! Blantyre, Shenzhen City, Bath and Kitchen Appliance Co., Ltd. on a new technology conference in Beijing, announced its latest game Teng "heating technology.

The Blantyre began to prepare a new heating technology, early in 2008. Address the lack of both metallic and non-metallic heating technology since 2009 Green James made a major industry breakthrough, Blantyre water heater race Teng heating technology (parallel isolation heating, patent application number: 200920296842.0 trademark pending number: ZC7997897SL R & D victory, also began their application testing in the product.

Difficult mechanical casting and electric heating technology is the perfect combination of of Blantyre core patent heating technology uses new state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Breakthrough in the industry of home water chinese solar water heater leaks, leakage, fouling, the short life of bottlenecks, extend the life of the core heating maximum, the outer surface of the aluminum alloy die casting, the thermal efficiency of 98% of the Company laboratory data) or more, almost no loss. In 2010, the technology in the new all be applied.