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how to scientifically choose electric hot water heater
2012-05-23 by seoer2
A safety first:
      Use the safety of the home solar water heater is the most important! Present the brand say their products are the safest, and some leakage protection technology, and some say the separation of water and technology, what crystal tube heating technology, the wall blocking the electric wall technology, all kinds of argument , hype. It is understood that the market using the national standard anti-electric wall Harbaugh, Haier, one of the few several manufacturers.
      For the current frequent security incidents, and to further regulate the production behavior of the electric tube solar water heater manufacturers, national safety standards of the new version of the water heater is formally implemented on July 1, 2007. (With the central two national standard anti-electric wall press conference map) on December 29 the same year was recognized by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as an international standard anti-electricity wall. (With the international standard anti-electric wall press conference map) (anti-electric wall using imported materials, from the circuit, water quality, temperature and other external influences).
      The China Consumers' Association remind consumers to buy electric water heater for you and your family's personal safety Please note that the national standard anti-electric wall signs. Prevent electric wall chart
Second, choose the heating element:
      The electric water heater, instant electric water heater works determines the quality of the key depends on the core components - heating element, heating element quality of the key depends on the choice of material. Heater on the market today is divided into two categories: metal heating elements and non-metallic heating element. Stainless steel, copper and other metal heating element; quartz glass, ceramics and other non-metallic heating element.
      Metal heating element
      The use of metal heating elements in electric water heater has been a century of history, this heating element technology is the most mature and most stable performance. Heating pipe work completely immersed in the water, rely on the metal tube excellent conductivity speedy completion of the heat exchange, the highest thermal efficiency. The stainless steel heating elements and copper heating the heating of the core are the most stable performance in the international nickel-chromium alloy heating wire, only the outside and interior of the material. (With stainless steel, copper heating body diagram and exploded view)
      The characteristics of copper: soft stretch forming, acid intolerance alkaline, due to our domestic water is mostly alkaline water (coastal areas alkaline), so the easy oxidation of the patina, high-temperature heat and corrosion more serious, susceptible to high temperature breakdown, resulting in leakage. Poor bladder pressure, high temperature and easy to produce burst.
      Characteristics: hardness of stainless steel, copper, and difficult to change the type, alkali resistance, intolerance acidic, mostly due to our domestic water alkaline water, so very difficult to be oxidized. Low heat loss, uniform heating, pressure resistance, good resistance to thermal expansion and contraction.
 All international and domestic first-line brand: Ariston, Smith, Ferroli, Siemens, Haier, etc., are stainless steel heating element.
      Non-metallic heating element:
      The so-called non-metallic heating element is accurate, it is non-metallic heat spreader. Non-metallic heating element is divided into a quartz glass tube, ceramic.
 Quartz glass tube heater using quartz glass tube as a substrate, the electric film and its surface is coated with a layer of non-metallic materials after sintering, and then the glass tube two-port department, electric film surface, respectively, together with a metal ring electrode constitute the complete heater. So, can also be referred to as a quartz glass tube heater.