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people namely thermal misunderstanding
2012-05-23 by seoer2
 On power consumption, many people habitually to power and electricity mix, in fact, the two concepts, power = power X-electricity time, power value, the power is variable, with the use of time to change , that is an advantage of the home solar water heater is the energy to avoid the power loss of the insulation waste heating excess hot water, all electrical energy is converted into heat by water absorption and utilization, basically there is no additional loss;
        Third, security, water heater products in the country for ten years history, product technology, quality, service has become increasingly mature, that is, the solar hot water heater is commonly used by the intelligent control technology, unlike traditional storage technology, security control, high-power electrical products and appliances are working under the same civil 220V voltage, can be said that the range of electrical safety is the safety of all in the same technical requirements, which means that mobile phone charger, although only 2W, but in case of leakage phenomenon, can also cause accidents, but people psychologically high-power electrical products fears nothing.
        Fourth, the water heater through the years of development, industry brands high-end models have achieved real thermostat setting, accurate to 0.5 degrees Celsius, when the water pressure change in voltage automatically adjusts the output power, water thermostatically controlled is not initially fixed power setting level, pressure, voltage, flow changes when hot and cold phenomenon has been more humane;
        Fifth, the small amount of water before, is to choose the water heater consumer misunderstanding, that the flow of hot water heaters are generally around 5-6L, fully meet the user a simple routine bathing requirements at the same time as energy-saving films in the energy day tension. soaring costs of the case, deeply ordinary people to welcome Shenyang part of three-wire electric-home users, select the three-phase power, high-power water heater products, whether it is a daily bath or bathtub bath more than 10L of the flow have been well positioned to meet the needs of daily domestic hot water;
        Sixth, the electric water has been through ten years of development, the transition to the sixth generation of new technology, product design life is generally more than 10 years, far higher than the national life of eight years on the water heater requirements.