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water heater antifreeze technology
2012-05-24 by seoer2

  1, pipe heating categories: common program for the up and down the water pipe outside the installation of electric tracing down the water pipes, installation of two classes of superconducting heat pipe.
2, pipe emptying class: common scenarios emptying devices for the electrical (electromagnetic), two categories of full mechanical emptying devices

The autologous heating mechanical control of the pipeline emptying of new technologies: the installation of the core components set in the inside and outside the gallbladder dissection with internal and external bile manufacturing into one to form the overall insulation structure. It has high thermal insulation performance unmatched by the emptying attachment separated from the water tank insulation outside.

domestic solar water heater energy


Energy from the Earth's external celestial bodies (mainly water heaters) the vast majority of human energy required directly or indirectly from the sun. It is a variety of plants through photosynthesis, the water heater into chemical energy stored in plants down. Fossil fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas is by ancient plants and animals buried in the ground after a long geological ages. They are essentially fixed the vacuum tube solar water heater  from ancient organisms. In addition, hydro, wind, wave, ocean current energy, etc. are also converted from water heater to come.