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solar water heater market space is still great
2012-05-24 by seoer2

   Believe that the solar water heater market can not rely on imagination. Issued a weak market the sound is basically small and medium-sized enterprises, and passively wait for the pre-market base is not strong, once the market changes. And our use of solar thermal industry, SMEs account for the majority, so a lot of people to hear more such as weak sales and intense price war can not sell the light of the negative sound.

In fact, the home solar water heater market has experienced three years of home appliances to the countryside pulling, the penetration rate has been greatly improved, but far short of the state of saturation. Competition is more fierce than ever, consumers are more rational and mature, it is true, the key is how to develop products in line with regional markets through technological innovation; in installation, service and other efforts, and really to improve the technological content of products and service levels . This will be more consumers of all ages.

2012 The 7th China (Chengdu) solar Economic and Trade Fair Expo organizing committee, Cheng Yu-hung, said the broad prospects of solar water heater market in Sichuan Province and Chongqing, growth and sales of home appliances to the countryside in the past few years the top surface. For example, the rain the sun a billion sales last year in Chongqing. Today, the solar thermal industry's well-known enterprises have resorted to various forms of a major push into the the market. Like Sang Le, light, Crawford, Oster and other factories in Sichuan. Many people may still years ago, look at the market, in fact, after so many years of development, china solar water heater products, technology continues to progress, and adaptable. And consumers under the influence of a number of manufacturers, distributors, media, have a more profound understanding of the solar water heater products. Therefore, the market can not by imagination.

Market conditions this year, a special communication found that I and many entrepreneurs or professional managers, their caliber is very consistent: the market is not good to do. And in the end reason here? That many entrepreneurs and professional managers stay in the company remote market frontline sales staff feedback that the market is not good to do, and almost reached saturation.

The market is so?

Many dealers said the market space is still great, but the failure of previous sales methods and techniques, critical look at how to do a market. Lot of people see only the appearance of the market, no analysis of the essence. Once the excavation of the weak nature of the market, there will be a better way to deal with.