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volume ratio of the strengths of dual-mode electric water heater
2012-05-25 by seoer2

Europe and the United States and Japan and other developed countries, it is understood. The air can speed electric water heater market has been quite naive, and the publication of the International Copper Association, the first half of this year, data shows that use up to 70% in Switzerland with air to the central hot water products) in the country, air to water heaters 1990 started late, specializing in the production of air to the home solar water heater business is the lack of 5, until 2004, with the benefit of advertising in the CCTV industry began to develop, Midea, Gree and other giants to enter a series of

But the high cost of air to water heaters, high energy saving effect. The price of your. At present, a home air energy water heater market price of 4,000 yuan -7000 yuan, much higher than the target consumer group of 2,000 yuan -3000 yuan psychological level. However, with the promotion of low carbon concept, the promotion of air to water heaters by the support of the Government, the majority of countries have developed energy-saving products subsidies and preferential policies, domestic and local villages to give air to the water heater to encourage and support policy.

It easier for consumers to accept "the director of the Professional Committee of Guangdong new energy electrical Don wall Kui, said," This will pull down the market price of a certain level.

After 10 years of market cultivation into the stage of rapid development in the 21st century. At present, the storage-type electric water heater to enter the Chinese market in the 1990s. State water heater sales showing the situation led to a storage-type electric water heater, water heaters account for about 50% of the water heater market sales. The development of its technology from simple boils water thermal storage to storage speed dual-use, pre-, dual-mode, intelligent heating, energy saving and environmental protection of the innovative high-tech

The use of high-power electrical products to the rapid development of products. Especially the rapid transformation of the national grid. The development of storage-type electric water heater technology is changing, innovation, energy saving, low-carbon, environmentally friendly high-tech products highlight the different armed forces, and quickly occupied the high-end market position.

A single pre-heating function, the simple structure of the radical storage-type electric tube solar water heater. Power from 1000W ~ 2500W, general household products volume ranging from 40 ~ 150L, ??winter warm-up a bucket of water about 30 to 60 minutes, to prevent heat loss, relying on the thicker polyurethane foam insulation, is a typical cook water thermal storage products. Its low technical content, large size, long heating time, hot water use efficiency is low, but the technology is mature, low prices, still occupy most of the storage-type electric water heater market, in particular, two, three market holdings in 80% or more.

Full use of their technical superiority of the imminent thermal electric water heater, based on immature technology Autran radical storage water heaters. After years of research, in 2008 successfully developed a two-tank structure pre-thermal dual-mode electric water heater, truly a technological breakthrough of the storage-type electric water heater, to achieve complete save energy, low carbon environmental protection purposes

Volume of about 20L, pre-heat dual-mode electric water heater small size. Power 5500W most of the season that is, the heating function, even in winter, electric water heater is also just 10 minutes warm-up can be used, it is not long insulation without excessive heat loss. Intelligent control, make an appointment heating, four hours to stop the heat insulation and pre-relay heating technology, a reasonable allocation of the heating power to achieve the relay heating effects and improve the utilization of hot water, 6 doubled tolerance, to completely prevent stored in The liner can not use hot water waste.

Storage-type electric water heater technology towards high-power, it is foreseeable. Small size, dual heating pipe, Chu-speed dual-use or pre-development of the dual of the direction of the fast electric water heater. The development of this technology is not just cater to the modern fast-paced consumer demand for quality of life, more energy saving technical progress. Size is reduced, weakening the insulation function, not only reduces the unit data processing capital, reduce the use of capital, but also in terms of transportation, storage, sales also created considerable economic benefits.

And improving the quality of people's lives, I believe that with the improvement of device conditions. A new generation of dual-mode electric water heater will quickly dominate the market in subsequent years, the invention of greater economic benefits.