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Winter solar water heater conservation and use of
2012-05-25 by seoer2
Generally speaking, the use of solar water heaters in winter most important thing is to do the insulation, water heaters, solar collector and storage part of the problem is not the most in need of attention is the pipe section, in particular, focus on the following aspects:
1 to do a comprehensive inspection to see whether the pipe out of line, the drain package, cracking, etc., while the selection of good quality insulation materials or antifreeze device to protect. Installation with the tropics, the pipeline with tropical automatically according to the external temperature heat pipe, to a certain temperature with tropical automatic power-off protection pipe prevention freeze.
2, when used according to the degree of cold weather to determine the added water time and how much. If the outdoor temperature is above 0 ° C, can be considered that evening, add water; if the outdoor temperature is below 0 ° C, it is best to select the next morning, add water to prevent the outlet has been frozen. Encountered rain and snow, should be appropriate to reduce the amount of water solar water heater. Encountered in the colder weather, you can choose to open a solar water heater, hot water tap it slowly dripping, to ensure the smooth flow of the solar water heater, which is the most effective way to prevent the solar solar hot water heater pipe freeze.
3, part of the solar water heater with electric heating, it is recommended to use this feature several times in the spring, summer and autumn on a quarterly basis, to prevent long-term without causing failure or from the loss, but also to ensure the normal use when the onset of winter.
4, the winter should pay attention to weather forecasts, can be relatively satisfied with the water temperature, such as the date of sunlight is not strong, according to the actual needs of the half tank of water, or the most boxes of water. The next day, sunny day, to the solar water heater tank is full, such as low temperatures, should be tomorrow morning, Sheung Shui, solar water heater to the outlet pipe antifreeze.
5, the exhaust port on the solar china solar water heater tank to keep them open, if the blockage may cause the tank up bad or smoke deflated tank.
The strong left into the solar manager to remind the author, if the outdoor temperature is too low, it is recommended to stop the use of solar water heaters, water heaters and all the water in the pipeline is done to prevent the temperature is too low, the lack of circulation and lead water pipes the cracking.