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How to choose solar water heaters and air heaters can
2012-05-27 by seoer2
Solar water heaters and air to the water heater as a low-carbon environmentally friendly products on the market since its energy saving, safety, economic market favor, but solar water heaters and air heaters can have large differences in the scope of price , allowing consumers the choice of these two products will be confused, this article aimed at a comparative analysis of the pros and cons of solar water heaters and air heaters can be in all respects, to provide a reference for the consumer at the time of purchase.
Price and operating costs
Air to water heaters contains high technological content, in the market, the price of air to solar hot water heaters is significantly higher than that of solar water heaters. It is worth mentioning that the national solar home appliances subsidy policy has also been open to the third round, relative to the air to water heaters, the country is not yet related to the introduction of subsidies.
However, operating costs, air to water heaters to be superior. When the sun illumination is not enough, the solar water heater can not use conventional energy auxiliary. Air to water heaters is almost free from the weather, all-weather hot water production.
The statistics show that in normal use, the power consumption of conventional solar assisted throughout the year than the total power consumption of the air to water heaters can be higher.
Applicable regional
Subject to technical limitations, air water heater in the environment of minus 20 degrees Celsius a steady work is always difficult to solve technical problems. Making the air to the water heater market is mainly concentrated in the southern region. The applicability of solar water heaters in the sun light, rainy weather, the majority of the region is greatly reduced. At this point, the two can be described as half a dozen, subject to geographical and climate impacts.
Installation and maintenance
The installation of solar water heater is more complex, such as improper installation will affect the appearance of housing, quality and urban appearance of the city and the installation of a single limited by the property management sector. Solar solar water heaters installed outdoors, mostly on the roof, the roof, in the maintenance of the difficulty larger. Air to water heaters, easy installation, stable performance, lower maintenance costs.