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Do the mixed operation of the fine electric hot water heater
2012-05-28 by seoer2

Victory transformation from planned economy to a market economy, the world attention, China's reform and opening up. Chinese enterprises to take the initiative to a single product line, a single brand model, has been gradually face the challenges of product diversification and multi-brand, which is the need to comply with the international competition, while their own development and growth of a must.

Corporate strategic decisions "bigger" or so special, brand strategic choice of China that is, heated electric water heater companies face this challenge. Should be its own brand and products into the competitive environment and corporate strategy considerations prevent many companies racking our brains "of a move fresh," circumstances rendering.

Two strategic business development. Which one is more suitable for the development of enterprises of electric water heaters? Which is the optimal path of the water heater to strong? Controversial. Bigger and stronger "and" Specialization and stronger, "two different concepts.

How do the "strong" hybrid operation.

Like to do the "miscellaneous" a lot of the water heater business as long as a little bigger and started to give up the professional management of Chinese enterprises are mostly over-ambitious. Can not wait to start involve those who feel others very profitable field to expand to other areas from the field of electric water heaters, from the electric water heater to the real estate industry, from manufacturing to services or tourism ... the results of enterprise resource dispersion, none of the strengths of the product lack of competitiveness, enterprise development was stagnant. The current situation, there is no diversification is successful, the electric solar powered water heater companies. Many companies tend to dig the Western Wall, the complement of the east wall "and finally money, and soon the" diversity "eat to see a lot of this electric water heater companies, is a single product of the electric water heater did not do. annual production value of about 10 million, How competitive strength in where? diversified core strengths is what?


Takes all "can not be stronger in terms of the social system, national quality, technical assurance and personnel storage and national policy, the market economy mechanism. Water heater even more with this foundation and conditions for Zhejiang's economic model illustrates a special form of development suited to China's national conditions, which is the industrial chain. Zhejiang's economic prosperity depends on the industry chain, industry chain is very important feature is the specialization and professionalization of management, to improve the breakdown of the industrial chain through the formation of carry out their duties, mutual benefit and reciprocity, interdependence, common for one of the main products and services, expand common an industry. a great deal of ease and convenience to consumers, allow consumers to easily enjoy the practical, real benefits, so that enterprises to truly become a consumer brand

The social and economic environment in the development of electric water heater companies, so. Need more professional management, specializing in refined products through a reasonably wide range of social division of labor, to do, low interest rates and differentiated to form their own competitive advantage, based on the market and the development and growth.


Any development of good corporate Throughout the china solar water heaterindustry. Both go specifically stronger Road, have a corporate health and prosperity of today and can be expected for a better tomorrow. Therefore, the electric water heater industry really want to calm down and ponder with what kind of core competitiveness? Just more than a bit of capital accumulation can be diversified? Diversification and what kind of conditions?

Specifically to strengthen and enhance brand awareness.

Limited potential for electric water heaters, and some businesses would find it. What kind of pattern for you to meet the business development stage, but so special, so thoroughly, is always a difficult to bypass road.

Rather than to be greedy? How to strengthen their core competitiveness, how stronger. To preserve no matter the situation how turbulence can guarantee companies safe and sound and grown stronger over time? How to ensure that the main business core competitiveness under the premise of the implementation of diversification? Harvard that is, the road of development of the electric water heater well established that as early entry into the water heater industry and the brand, but brand management, focusing on the electric water heater products, from time to time to shape and enhance Harvard's in the minds of consumers the image of more than 10 years of focus, achievements to Harvard to become the status of the hot water heater industry.

Changing market arena of globalization today. Water heater companies, but also to clearly see the vertical and horizontal real difference really, the advantages in resources and labor advantage is changing today, tomorrow competitive advantage, how much? Whether it should be more to see their main business and the advantages to put in more effort and money to strengthen him to enlarge his advantage better to adhere to the sustainable competitive advantage?


That the water heater business only "so special" talent "stronger" "stronger" real talent "bigger" only specifically on the "bigger and stronger" and the "so special and stronger". Competence fine, only a fine can only strong, only the expansion, replication and the ability to control, step by step for the business moving steadily, from strong to grow stronger, adhere to the spiral, it may out of the "Red Sea" into the "Blue Ocean" get unlimited space, time, the bigger is the natural thing