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higher the voice of the electric water heater information shopping guide
2012-05-28 by seoer2

Speed ??electric hot water heater technology breakthrough from time to time, the rapid development of the appliance industry. Frequent new product, home appliances to the countryside strong tone from time to time, including the voice of higher energy-saving green building materials go to the countryside the road. Central "Document No." becomes clearer, home appliances "road home appliances building materials businesses see the future direction of marketing, but also for its unlimited market opportunities, industry experts pointed out that" home appliances " will be the marketing focus on the direction of the home appliance industry in 2010.

Updates and eliminate the frequency of slow-speed electric solar powered water heater is different from other consumer goods. Green Williams, especially in rural areas, the user once the purchase will be decades, or even a lifetime must be accompanied by left and right. So before buying, many farmers and friends always reconsidered, not only to the Neighbourhood and neighbor to go to counseling, but also to a number of home appliances market to compare. In particular, some remote areas just relief to poor farmers, due to lower cultural level, the electric water heater is very little information, the lack of necessary expertise, do not know what kind of speed the water heater is more suitable for them, the blind herd mentality is more common. Therefore, the development of rural electric water heater market, should be targeted to do some shopping guide.

Temple and other opportunities for consulting activities. Using the media to the professor of friends of farmers in simple electric water heater to buy knowledge, first take the initiative to introduce. For example, in rural areas go to the market. Describes the origin of a variety of brand price, performance, specifications, and enjoying their knowledge. To assist farmers to friends within the scope of the county, city or town with the local ethnic style of the home appliance market, the farmers as much as possible knowledge and information of some of the cabinets.

Should be a thorough investigation and study on the basis of the warm recommendation. Is the low price, good quality, excellent performance, adaptability, enjoying their simple product of the water heater is recommended to the farmers' friends. Recommended course can not be on others. According to the economic conditions of farmers and friends, the cultural level, room size, population, folk customs, is standing on the farmers' demand perspective recommended.

Farmers in the different purpose to buy electric water heater products, assist in the selection. Specifically to help farmers to choose the good he needs electric water heater products. Objectively speaking. Some use their own, some children's apartment decoration, and some older people to buy ... so sincerely for farmers to select for his cabinet products. Have to trip from the city, the water heater must not only understand the purpose and use of farmers to buy, but also understand that he appreciated the habits and economic conditions to help him select the price is moderate, easy to use and best meet the needs of electric vacuum tube solar water heater products to.

Live in scattered, relatively poor economic conditions in rural areas than urban. Lower educational level, therefore, to develop the 300 million families in rural areas the water heater product market, a long and arduous career and business opportunities. So, in a targeted manner to do to guide the work of farmers to buy electric water heater products, and can often go to the countryside, in-depth farmers, in-depth investigations and studies from many multi-level farmers. As rural and urban speed electric hot water heater market will be echoed with the release of splendor.