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"12" air to water heaters Development Aspects
2012-05-29 by seoer2
Have channels who in the world, which is the consensus of the air to the water heater industry. For a long time, air to water heaters enterprises are established channels in the original solar energy, air conditioning, appliance dealers. Rapid increase in the terminal distribution rate, many air to water heater business to continue to carry out investment, is to reduce the investment threshold, resulting in mixed operating level, and some corporate support inadequate poor circulation of products that the franchisee mortality is high, channels also appeared in the fatigue phenomenon. Competitive today, it will inevitably cause dealers loss. Therefore, by consolidating the existing channels, and vigorously develop new channels to form their own core competitiveness, air to domestic solar water heater business must be considered.
    A lot of air to the water heater business to mix marketing and sales. In fact, marketing is about to discover, create and deliver value to meet the demand for a certain target market, while profits of the discipline. It is a systems engineering throughout the entire business process, including production, design, distribution channels, sales, service and other sectors. So, faced with the traditional water heater industry, extrusion and air terminal recognition knowledge is very low, the air-water heater business from a marketing point of view should be considered, and ferret out the advantages of resources, form the core competitiveness. Otherwise, it is difficult to escape from the quagmire of low degree of competition.
    Some experts said that the business product is the minutes, make money, business brand is one dollar $ 1 earned. The brand is a continuing project, which requires the integration of various resources. Domestic air to water heater industry after nearly a decade of development, the conditions to build the corporate brand has been basically mature, but not yet truly a strong brand. Only advance the development of brand development strategy and brand planning, the development of good brand marketing programs and promotion steps, as well as long-term brand promotion program, and eventually will achieve the dream of the brand, thereby gaining market reputation and higher profit margins.
    If there is no corporate strategy, or strategy is not clear enough, then the operations of the company without a clear direction, it is difficult to form specific strategies to meet market demand, to obtain a competitive advantage to achieve corporate objectives. Inception to determine the main home machine, both of commercial aircraft development strategy. Facts have proved that their choice is right, the two companies south and the north side of a circular feature of absolute competitive advantage in the market. Air to the chinese solar water heater business itself and in the changing environment but also its own resources and strength to choose the field of business and product differentiation, to form their own core competitiveness, so as to find success for their own development. Tao.
    Air to the water heater industry after ten years of development has formed a certain scale, but compared to the traditional water heater industry is still quite weak. Therefore, all the air to water heater manufacturers to unite and form a cohesive force: the one hand, to increase market development fostered by common efforts to increase consumer awareness of air to the water heater safety, comfort, energy saving and other features and to guide the consumer attitudes. The other hand, to take collective measures to fight the country's preferential policies to support and promote the use of air to water heater products. In addition, all industry manufacturers should strengthen self-discipline, put an end to the cottage, counterfeit, low-cost industry unfair, unhealthy competition behavior.