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Analysis of household heat pump water heater pressure tank Quality Status
2012-05-30 by seoer2

The pressure tank is an important part of air energy (heat pump) water heater console, heat pump water heater is not a true energy-saving products, water tanks will largely determine the success or failure. Many people think that, not a tank, how much can the technical content? If you think the words are wrong. Water tank heat exchanger performance, insulation performance, materials take quality will directly determine the energy efficiency of heat pump water heater and the water, as well as service life. Some use raw materials of the tank is not good, the internal structure of unscientific, often there will be a lot of problems, the problem is visible, with copper pipe burst after 2012, the water tank leak, but can not see the hidden problem there are more, such as hot water, the amount of small, energy consumption can not be done to maximize, or even safety problems ...

    Heat pump water heaters and solar water heaters more energy efficient?

    Mention air energy (heat pump) water heater products, energy efficiency, people are not conscious of comparison with solar water heaters, air energy (heat pump) water heater energy efficiency than solar water heater is also energy saving. Why is more energy efficient? We all know, solar water heaters rely on the vacuum tube to gather solar thermal heating water temperature, a lot of flicker point is without electricity, solar water heater to the power-hungry, and power consumption is not small, its effect due to as follows:

    Summer, a lot of hot water, hot water up; rainy days, water temperature is not enough, no hot water; winter, eager to hot water, but looking forward to it. The south the long duration of sunshine, good point, but the low-temperature region is miserable ... no hot water I do? Solar water heaters, electric auxiliary heating resolves hot water, but more power consumption. Therefore, in the rainy days and sunshine is not enough weather, solar water heaters are not energy efficient. According to statistics, the direct heating of the year, solar water heaters electric auxiliary power consumption, air energy (heat pump) solar water heater manufacturer, 1.5-2 years under the same conditions. Air water heater (heat pump) with the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, fashion, than advantages and potential for more development of the traditional water heater, the product in line with the country to vigorously develop energy-saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, new energy strategy requires. Visible air energy (heat pump) water heater has a broad market prospects. Especially after the rapid development in recent years, air energy (heat pump) water heater market share increased significantly, and its related technologies become more mature and standardized.

    Present, the market has emerged a model of household electric auxiliary heating low temperature region, the dominant air energy (heat pump) water heater in the south, the situation will completely change the northern market is not marketable.

    Even so, than abroad because of China's air and energy (heat pump) water heater to a late start, until September 1, 2009, which was enacted in the console of the heat pump water heater national standards, so the quality of air energy (heat pump) water heater there are also many problems. The following air energy (heat pump) water heater, pressure tank Quality Status.

    Quality Status of household heat pump water heater

    The pressure tank is an important part of the domestic air (heat pump) solar powered water heater. The tank will have a direct relationship to the quality of the water heater itself is good or bad, such as tank insulation performance, durability, safety, performance, appearance, color, etc. can not be ignored. At present, in order to improve product performance, the majority of domestic air (heat pump) water heater manufacturers and the professional water tank factory OEM production. Water tank quality and price of different brands vary greatly, therefore, choose a reliable professional manufacturer of pressure tank is directly related to the quality of the product is good or bad air energy (heat pump) water heater.

    Pressure tank quality status quo

    At present, there is domestic pressure tank stainless steel, the slush liner (commonly known as crystal liner), enamel interior, three water tanks, more practical and popular water tank is a tank of # 304 stainless steel liner.

    A pressure tank construction

    The surface layer of the water tank is the outer shell, the shell is a protective steel plate, there are two kinds of stainless steel and iron materials.
In order to increase the selling point of the product, the manufacturer of the tank exterior package handling, such as drawing, mirror, paint, trim, color processing, to increase the visual appearance of the product.
    Between the tank shell and the liner is a high-density insulation layer.

    Tank middle layer is a liner layer, the interior is divided into 304 # stainless steel, enamel interior the slush liner (crystal inner), the interior heat sink and storage spaces, with a certain seal, reservoir water, pressure, thermal insulation properties. The core of the quality of the water tank depends on the quality of the liner, the tank appearance and surface well, is the sum of points for the sale of tank.

    Currently prevalent in the market tanks, three types of heat transfer structure of the way: the water cycle, built-in coil, an external coil. A variety of ways to have their own advantages and disadvantages.

    (1) Water Circulation

    The advantages of fast heating (dynamic heating), stable performance, long life, security, and more and more favored by the market, broad market prospects. The disadvantage is that the higher production costs.

    2 built-in coil

    The advantage of faster product heating, heat exchange time is short. The disadvantage is that due to the coil material, such as the thickness of a few products have coil corrosion, leakage risks.

    (3) external coil

    The advantage is that performance is relatively stable, long life, security. The drawback is slow from the hot heat exchanger for a long time.