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solar water heaters, the new standard will accelerate the industry reshuffle
2012-06-02 by seoer2

     In this regard, a number of the person in charge of the solar water heater business, said the introduction of solar energy efficiency standards intended to "purify" the market, and promote industrial upgrading to efficient, environmentally friendly direction. It would also accelerate the solar industry reshuffle, and eliminated a large number of the strength of weak solar water heater business.

    The new standard is intended to clean up the market

    The efficiency rating formulation is formed on the basis of 81 solar companies a variety of product testing and research, is divided into three main points: First, the energy-efficiency labeling of domestic solar water heater is divided into three levels, a the best, the two followed three is qualified, only three requirements only allow the sale; energy efficiency coefficient, which includes heat and heat loss factor, is an integrated coefficient according to the conversion, this coefficient of 0.15 belonging to the energy efficiency of three, and 0.3 belong to the energy efficiency of two, to reach 0.5 belong to the energy efficiency level; can efficiency rating certified person responsible, the State only on the energy efficiency of supervision and services, enterprise testing later recognized by the state, the ability to self-testing, self-identification, self-publicity, self-responsibility.

    China is big country of production and application of solar water heaters, and production and to maintain volume ranking first in the world. The data show that in 2010 China's annual production of solar water heater for 49 million square meters of solar energy holdings of 160 million square meters, the national solar powered hot water heater industry development plan: In 2015, the ownership of solar water heaters in China reached 400 million square meters ownership of the solar water heater to double in five years.

    "Is an emerging industry of solar water heaters, energy saving, higher margin, a number of workshops, small businesses have been started pursuing the interests of a certain extent, created a situation of cohabitation of the solar industry, water heater industry." The solar water heater business executives said the current national standards of China's solar water heater is about 30, but are recommended standards are not mandatory, the introduction of the energy efficiency rating, will promote solar water heater through an upgrading process.

    It is understood that the solar water heater industry, the threshold is low, the manufacturer of the small workshop-style flooding in the surrounding areas of Beijing and Zhejiang Haining area, every day of the new enterprise was born, a day also has the old companies disappear; in terms of sales, consumers lack of experience and judgment is not enough, often swayed by hype by the manufacturers, merchants of various concepts.

    "Production chaos, chaos sales, after-sale chaos is the basic status quo of this industry." The official said, the implementation of energy-efficiency labeling legislation for the tube solar water heater industry with a new regulation, to further standardize the market, and promote orderly competition in the solar industry; For consumers, the choice of products with a clear reference, without complex jargon distress, thereby contributing to further enhance the overall level of the solar industry.