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water heater terminal weak sales analysis
2012-06-07 by seoer2

  Water heater companies in the development process has always encounter two problems, First Merchants difficult, difficult to sell. Especially difficult to sell, the companies finally hire a group of dealers, with several hundreds of stores and thought the front of the hard work we have finally reached a beautiful return, can be easily looked at the sales day by day, up soared.

        Brand awareness is too low
        Belong to the kind of "unknown" in the market - due to funding constraints, a lot of that heat type electric water heater companies can not be a large-scale advertising and lead to low brand awareness, product sales mainly rely on the excellent product quality and the resulting reputation.
Did not grasp the good consumer psychology
        The thermal electric water heater companies sales staff will have a common problem: because he engaged in the work of the hot water heater industry, so we feel that consumer electric hot water heater is extremely familiar and concerns. In fact, we are wrong, because the china solar water heater is a very special home appliances consumer goods, consumers usually its concern rate is not high, in addition to the demand until the "lies at the heart" .
        About the same time, because consumers usually concerned about the rate of water heater products is not high, so when they need, often emotional consumer prevail, will be the water heater stores the actual situation, rather than certain purchases by watching television or the Internet to know that heat the water heater brand. I must take this water heater terminal sales have enough "article" can do, and terminal sales made booming.

        Store the image of an atmosphere poor
        Investigation and analysis, the terminal stores the image and the atmosphere is resulting in poor terminal sales "indispensable" one of the factors. Why do I say? Concern because consumers suddenly demand for the solar hot water heater brands and products, so concerned about the high and the enthusiasm high, but when consumers to store and found the store as a whole image of a little "dim" and "sluggish", and store in the mental state of the light, cleanliness, sales staff, and enthusiastic promotion of the atmosphere and so fail, like the pot of cold water to splash off the enthusiasm of the consumers a. So, the consumer, what thoughts and then communicate and product purchases. Clearly, a "first look" and turned away.