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Solar water heater Frequently Asked Questions resolve
2012-06-10 by seoer2

evacuated tube solar water  are usually composed by the collector, adiabatic storage tanks, connecting pipes, brackets and control system.

Use classification, can be divided into seasonal water heater, year-round water heaters, and auxiliary heat source, all-weather solar water heater. Collector principle and structure can be divided into a tablet-type water heater and vacuum tube water heater. Refrigerant flow, is generally divided into the boring sun, recycling-based and DC-type three.

Solar collectors, solar water heaters to receive solar energy and converted to heat the core components and key technologies, its cost accounting for about half of the total cost of the solar water heater. The whole glass tube solar water heaters, heat medium can be divided into all-glass vacuum tube collector heat pipe vacuum tube (glass and metal combination of the two kinds of) the collector. Their key components is a vacuum tube or heat pipe vacuum tube collectors.

Like an elongated thermos, two tube length of 1.2 m or 1.5 m inner and outer diameter of 37 mm and 47 mm concentric glass tube by vacuum from the most popular of all glass vacuum tube. All-glass vacuum tube materials, processes and simple structure, good reliability and has great application prospects.

The solar water heater tank hot water storage device, its structure, capacity, thermal insulation and materials will directly affect the quality of the performance and operation of the water heater.

Types of water tanks, by shape, square, flat box type, cylindrical, spherical tank; divided into vertical and horizontal placement method; atmospheric pressure state points open tank and pressure closed water tanks; auxiliary heat source can be divided into ordinary water tank and water tank with auxiliary heat source; direct heat exchange tank and the secondary heat exchanger heat transfer can be divided into indirect heat exchange tank.

The quality of the material of the production of tanks, the tank pressure, temperature, anti-leakage and water quality impact. Domestic tube solar water heater  tanks commonly used materials are steel plate treated with preservatives or enamel, galvanized steel, rust-proof aluminum, the poison plastic, or glass, steel, stainless steel plate and so on. The thermal characteristics of the water tank, including heat of the heating characteristics of thermal insulation characteristics. The heat of hot water tank can be released to facilitate use. Household water tanks can be vertical, into the cold water from the lower part of the top, the hot water outflow from the upper part. Heating characteristics of most of the water within the tank is the upper heat up, then the lower part of the slowly heat up. Insulation features refers to the speed of the fall in temperature, and tank closure tightness, insulation materials, ambient temperature, the water capacity size.