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Select the solar water heater bracket should pay attention to what
2012-06-12 by seoer2

First, the non pressure solar water heater bracket from the material divided aluminum alloy frame, stainless steel stent, carbon steel spray Schomburg bracket, galvanized plate stamping bracket, tube profiles stamping bracket. Most manufacturers use the majority of the former two materials, because of its better engage corrosion, unlike carbon steel stent that, once the protective layer is destroyed not have antiseptic effect. Quality aluminum bracket play sand polishing plus the oxidation of the coloring and appearance features for the performance of flat, smooth, bright, heat, acid, does not accumulate dirt, corrosion resistance than ordinary aluminum decoding 6-8 times, easy to install wind capacity, greater carrying capacity, higher stability.

Second, from the roof on the building structure points; some bracket only applies to flat roofs, while others are designed specifically for the slope house design staff in the design slope roof bracket, give full consideration to the fixed mode after installation, select consider the slope of the roof, you can adjust the angle bracket on the line, consider the sun angle and the local in which the latitude decisions under normal circumstances, the area south of the Yangtze River can choose the bracket of 36-45 degrees, the area north of the Yangtze River can be used 45 - 51 degrees bracket after installation in order to achieve the best of the sun angle, to obtain the highest collector.

In reality, the third on top of some slope house stands tall with a wide range of pressurized solar water heater, a security risk to users. First, the fixed way, not a professional design, most of them with wire rope simple and fixed the event of strong winds it is possible to shift; Second, the horizontal plane-to-install, difficult to master, caused by the stent discontinuity damage; Third, this water heaters often are in the case of the highest point of the buildings, if the lightning-equipped and vulnerable to lightning in summer thunderstorms.

Third, the stent wind resistance depends primarily on the design of the reflector, the upper and lower side of the left air duct, the area of ??wind resistance as small as possible. Winter snow, the northern region should also be considered whether the design of ski channel, reducing the snow cover. The actual role of various factors and what light board, many manufacturers have been canceled reflectors to extend the service life of water heaters to reduce the incidence of these problems.

Guiding consumers to buy solar water heaters, must be combined with consumers living conditions and, in addition to considering the givers of water tank and vacuum tube collectors, but also pay attention to the choice of solar bracket, so that consumers buy roses of solar water heaters, reducing worries.