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identification of the solar water heater vacuum tube method
2012-06-13 by seoer2

Vacuum tube solar powered hot water heater components, known as the "heart" of the solar water heater, vacuum tube quality will directly affect the life and performance of solar water heaters, so the quality vacuum tube became the top priority of the majority of consumers, the following teach you Several identification methods:

Identify vacuum quality of the pros and cons first look at the appearance, the appearance of high-quality vacuum tube:

1, the surface smooth, clean, no spots in the tube body, no gas lines, no scratches, no plan membrane phenomenon (this phenomenon will affect the collection efficiency and aesthetics)

2, the coating color to blue, black overall color. But the black does not mean that a good quality vacuum tube, because some manufacturers to cover up the variegated, often the film made of pure black. In fact, the vacuum tube color error is inevitable, does not affect the collection efficiency of the vacuum tube.

, Baked to eliminate the complete mirror, smooth and translucent, black, black phenomenon.

4, is currently on the market the best of the three vacuum tube: high-temperature tube, efficient pipe, alpine tube. Layer of high-temperature tube than the ordinary tube length (distance from the nozzle about 1cm), this tube high temperature, anti-attenuation is particularly strong, the condition of 400 ℃ high temperature air drying, the film does not get older, do not shed, do not change color. Efficient pipe layer from the nozzle of about 2.5cm, this tube ultra-high absorption, the less heat loss, warming fast, high thermal efficiency. While both alpine pipe high efficient pipe thermal efficiency, heating up fast advantages, less heat loss, as usual out of hot water under the condition of -30 ℃. Consumers can choose the different vacuum tube according to the different regions.

5, with the naked eye, the inner tube color is dark red, indicating that the bottom of the metal is copper, this vacuum can work in cold conditions, -30 ℃ as usual out of hot water.

High-quality vacuum tubes are generally more than 15 years, is directly related to the life of the   chinese solar water heater, in the case of variation in levels of the majority of manufacturers, consumers should keep your eyes open carefully identified.