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Solar water heaters strong sales of "rational"
2012-06-14 by seoer2

It is reported that more than 20 existing Temple, Emperor Ming, Tsinghua Solar Solar brand in the partition of the city's solar energy market this season. In the interview, the reporter learned that most of the solar consumers think the money is. The heart of the public to Mr. Wong plan to buy a solar water heater operator of an account: Yulin year among more than 300 days can use solar energy to spend three to four years will be able to "recover" investment.
Area residents look forward to: the integration of design and installation of solar water heating system energy
Reporter in an interview with a district of the city, one owner, told reporters that more and more families now fitted with solar water heaters, but because there is no uniform design and installation standards, many of the equipment installed there is hidden danger, if the residential construction or develop, adopt the integrated design and installation of solar hot water systems, function and appearance must be more perfect.
It is understood that, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Construction to 2010, China's new buildings to achieve green building and energy efficient building standards in the fight for more than 30%. Relevant professionals, the application of solar powered water heater energy may be the best choice for building energy efficiency.