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With the continuous improvement of scientific research and technology since the invention of Professor Tsinghua University Yin Zhiqiang, "vacuum tubes" Father of the first vacuum coating tube, the tube constantly upgrade from the first generation of vacuum collector tube, to a highly efficient tube , titanium tube, the tube in the temperature to high temperature tube, already in its fifth generation.
With the continuous improvement of scientific research and technology since the invention of Professor Tsinghua University Yin Zhiqiang, "vacuum tubes" Father of the first vacuum coating tube, the tube constantly upgrade from the first generation of vacuum collector tube, to a highly efficient tube , titanium tube, the tube in the temperature to high temperature tube, already in its fifth generation.
The first generation of vacuum tube: ordinary tube
Magnetron sputtering principle, tube coating are used by high energy ion bombardment of the target to produce sputtering to achieve the coating, the first generation of tube selected in the target is a single target, aluminum target, the is characterized by stable performance, the coating technology is mature, lower cost, is still widely used in many brands of solar water heaters.
Ordinary tube process is different in the film color can be distinguished. Such as black, blue and purple. Black tube advantage of color is not easy to distinguish the effect of the overall membrane color, the world's first coated tube is black, said the black classic; common because different processes can also be made of blue coated tube and purple coated tube, on the one hand, marketing strategy, on the other hand, because the color is different from absorption, the emission ratio and other indicators will be different, some professional tube manufacturers according to your needs to customize a variety of different different color specifications of the collector tube.
The second generation of vacuum tube: efficient tube
Is called second-generation collector tube, the main difference with the first generation of single-target tube is a breakthrough multi-target coating technology to achieve dual-target or target, is not a single target of aluminum, but steel , copper, aluminum target or the target of two of them, have become efficient, multi-target coating technology, the film increase ultra-low infrared emissivity than the metal bottom layer, absorbing layer and antireflection layer. leading to tube the whole of the technical indicators to achieve improved, efficient collector tube is a tube of the water heater applications mainstream. Flooded on the market there are numerous tube name, for example: blue E Aura, the three executives, aerospace, tube, Zijin and drilling are high-tube series. Tube relative to the first generation of collectors, the advantage of efficient tube is a high absorption, low emission, performance, and long life. Some manufacturers also patented coating technology, such as blue E Aura products to achieve the function of the high temperature, resistant to cold and other inclement conditions, extended field of application of space solar water heater.
The third generation of vacuum tube: titanium tube
Titanium tube is personally guided by the father of the Chinese solar Yin Zhiqiang, Professor (Professor of Tsinghua University Yin Zhiqiang and Connaught Group has set up a "Tsinghua Marino photoelectron Institute, specializing in high-temperature use of solar energy), its force by the Marino Group The promise of light and heat Group and Tsinghua University to create a joint, after two years of intensive research and development, with independent intellectual property rights (patent No. 200810159261.2) of titanium film all-glass vacuum tube solar collectors. This is an epoch-making revolutionary technology, it will enhance the water temperature above the boiling point, the reason became the third generation, because this is a revolutionary breakthrough in the collector tube coating material.
Titanium tube known as the "cosmic metal", "The Deep Metal", "pro-bio-metal", "twenty-first century metal, which is characterized by extremely high melting point, corrosion resistance, stability, and less susceptible to other substances and materials affect the characteristics of future materials, widely used in jewelry and industrial areas. titanium melting point of up to 1668 ° C, the coating layer to withstand the high temperature of 600 ° C, the aging increased level of 30-40%, completely overcome the vacuum tube poor stability, aging, life is short, and other issues. its three-absorbing layer structure allows the absorption tube than up to 96% or more of the pipe coating the bottom (wall color) golden, excellent quality, noble temperament romantic color to become a wonderful tube solar collectors on the market.
Titanium pipe water temperature can be increased to above the boiling point, therefore, titanium tube was successfully developed to make solar light and heat it possible to heat from hot water to industrial.
The fourth generation of vacuum tube: temperature tube
If the three previous generations of collector tubes are to stay in the "hot water" level, the fourth generation of tube use of historic change - warm tube is light and heat, solar powered indoor lights and heat lead to the industrial utilization of the times.
July 21, 2010, the medium temperature solar collector vacuum tube "project of the Connaught Group and Tsinghua University jointly developed by domestic experts organized by the Shandong Province Science and Technology Agency carried out a technical appraisal, and passed. Temperature tube used titanium, aluminum dual-target magnetron reactive sputtering, a series of advanced technologies, so that the tube operating temperature up to 150 ° C, to fill the all-glass vacuum solar thermal use of international gap in this temperature region. The use of temperature tube are mainly concentrated in three areas: First, the field of industrial utilization, such as solar energy - electricity (coal, gas, oil, heat pump) boiler associated with the system, solar powered water heater desalination, solar water splitting hydrogen production, Solar photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants; the second is the field of agriculture, solar drying technology, solar energy aquaculture, solar-powered irrigation, solar greenhouse, solar cookers, etc.; construction applications, the supply of solar domestic hot water, solar heating, solar cooling, solar curtain wall, family power systems, solar swimming pool. The successful development of the tube in warm, open a new era of solar thermal applications from hot water to heat.
May 10, 2011, the world's first CPC in temperature solar industrial thermal systems - solar power Norit boiler project was officially put into use, which marked China's solar thermal field of industrial high-temperature use civilian areas to jump , by the hot water to heat application upgrade.
The fifth generation of vacuum tube: high-temperature tube
The high-temperature power generation tube above the operating temperature of 200 ° C can be used for solar thermal power straight pipe. It can be more than one series composed of solar collectors to use, apply to solar thermal power generation equipment, solar boilers, solar air conditioning, solar energy, aquaculture engineering, solar greenhouse project, large-scale solar, biogas constant temperature engineering applications in high temperature systems. China's solar thermal power market has great potential. According to the chief scientist of the solar thermal power projects, China Electric Association and vice president Huang Xiang estimates, by 2020, solar thermal power generation market size up to 22.5 trillion to 30 trillion yuan.
High-temperature power generation tube, the world to master the technology manufacturer Schott, Germany and Israel Soler, the domestic side, and in 2010, Marino has successfully developed high-temperature power generation tube 4mm specifications, is the third in the world to master the technology of enterprise . Products industry is still in progress, we can say that the large-scale production of high temperature power generation tube will be another revolution in the use of solar thermal, solar light and heat to advance to the era of solar thermal power generation.