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Solar water heater market was about to take off in 2008
2012-06-19 by seoer2


Solar water heater market is about to take off in 2008, is expected to become the pioneer of the first wave started the chinese solar water heater vacuum tube applications, but the solar water heater specification not clearly defined, will be confined to the solar water heaters, popularization and application.
It is understood that the solar water heater (especially above 150W high wattage) affects the overall road safety, it is required for light distribution and efficiency norm. But the demand for solar water heaters still on demonstration projects, and whether the mainland or Taiwan were not entered into a comprehensive specification, making the vendor standards can fit. This will affect the penetration of solar water heater upgrade, the mainland has been working to develop safety standards, and Taiwan will be released in the second half. The orderly development of the solar water heater market must be regulated, the majority of the industry for high-wattage solar water heater is still in the pilot phase, not yet through the safety norms detection, PIDA estimates the 2008 global solar water heaters will reach 1 million, of which about 50% of demand from the mainland, the second half of the demand for solar water heaters can improve, will facilitate the adjustment of supply and demand of the overall solar powered hot water heater epitaxy.