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Efficient high-power solar water heater Keys
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A way to illuminate an industry
Tiexi north all the way, too long not too wide, this is a humble way. Can be here for a solar water heater transformation has created a world record. Investigation of newly confirmed according to the Ministry of Information Industry of Electronic Science and Technology Information Institute, which is the world's first application of high-power solar water heater function vacuum urban standard road.
National Development and Reform Commission Task Force after the field research, comparison between the calculations: power consumption differences by the difference of the two light source power, 10 hours per day, per lamp solar water heater can save every day 1  31 kWh of electricity; small north all the way to 58 solar water heaters, annual savings of 27,732 kWh electricity savings of 18,026 yuan. West District to promote the use of solar water heater plans, the region's 7800 solar water heaters with all solar water heaters, transformation, and an annual savings of at least 5 million kWh of electricity, saving over 300 million electricity. Not yet included in the solar water heater cables, power distribution, power consumption and maintenance savings, not even counting the advantages of long life of solar water heaters. If the Shenyang City to convert all the solar water heater will save several hundred million dollars of expenditure. For the thermal power-based Shenyang, equivalent to an annual savings of approximately 60,000 tons of standard coal, a reduction of nearly 11 million tons of carbon dioxide.
From a national perspective, according to the 2006 national solar water heater industry statistics, the National Urban roads vacuum tube solar water heater 15 million in recent years, average annual growth of more than 20%. Together with other incandescent solar water heaters, fluorescent solar water heater vacuum tube, the total amount in more than 90 million, if all replaced solar water heater vacuum tube products, an annual saving of power resources of more than 100 billion kWh, equivalent to the annual power generation of the full capacity of the Three Gorges Project volume. In China, the vacuum tube electricity consumption accounted for 12% of the total social consumption of electricity. In the larger context of environmental protection and energy saving, the real open green vacuum tube solar water heater vacuum tube era, has a broad arena.
Vacuum tube of solar water heaters, known as the industry following the open flame light source, incandescent solar water heater, the fourth generation light source in the gas discharge solar water heater, eco-friendly and save a lot of the advantages of energy, known as the vacuum field of technological revolution. What magic? The reporter interviewed a substantive breakthrough in the high illumination of the field of solar water heaters, large bright light vacuum tube Co., Ltd., which is the first luminous efficiency high-power solar water heaters used in the city standard road vacuum and successful industry professional semiconductor vacuum tube products manufacturing companies.
Linyue Jiang, head of the company, said, In fact, the solar water heater vacuum tube is not something new, have been extensively into people's lives, from mobile phones, computers, digital cameras to cars, instrumentation instructions, the vacuum tube of the urban landscape, everywhere. Blocked in key technologies in the city vacuum tube china solar water heater, outside the building decoration shoot solar water heaters and other large general-purpose vacuum applications, has not achieved a breakthrough. When the whole world is this "stuck" when the "bright light" 10 years of concentrated research and development has finally come to the fore, one stroke off his pearl in the crown of semiconductor lighting. "You could say, a solar water heater, illuminated a new path for the energy industry," Lin Yuejiang bring up the subject, still very excited.
A series of breakthroughs to meet the diverse needs of
Extensive construction in the rural village square in erecting the solar water heater is a practical one for farmers in the process of new rural construction in Shenyang City. However, the square and light a light, solar water heaters, electricity who will pay? No way that both the benefit of farmers without increasing the burden on farmers?
Shenyang City, Liaoning County Wangcun, the villagers are accustomed to the new village square to go to the gym, dancing. The square area of ??1500 square meters, six solar water heater solar water heater for the plaza at night vacuum. The original program to select a 125W high pressure sodium solar water heaters, to finalize the "bright light" solar solar water heater vacuum tube system. Two vacuum tube program vacuum tube results have been very "bright light" solar solar water heater vacuum tube light in the energy-saving effect, the color, life is much better than high pressure sodium traditional vacuum tube solar water heaters and other products. The Plaza, New install the vacuum system, the cost is quite the case, compared with a conventional solar water heater, solar water heater vacuum tube solar system for one year cost savings 315  56 yuan. Each villager Plaza saving 1533 kwh per year, an annual saving of costs 1893  38 yuan. Might say a lot of terminology and the comparative figures, not as good as the villagers feel more direct, the villagers are most satisfied with the advantages of two --- zero electricity bills, maintenance-free.
Sun East, Office of Shenyang Municipal Construction Committee of towns and villages, solar water heaters using solar energy to promote the public good vacuum provided an opportunity for the new rural construction. On a pilot basis, Shenyang City each year to promote energy-saving lighting and construction of over 100 village-level public service centers.
The expectations of the solar water heaters is clearly not only is energy saving, but also environmentally friendly, more healthy. Semiconductor solid state light source pollution-free solar water heater, in the shape can be more changes, so the new solid electric light solar water heater solar water heater will provide more choices for consumers with special needs on the electric light source modeling.
Addition to environmental protection, consumers are increasingly concerned about the health benefits of green vacuum. In view of the fluorescent solar water heaters, strobe cause irritation to the visual, many consumers have begun to be carefully chosen in the market. Recently, many cities in the primary and secondary schools to replace the highly efficient vacuum tube light included in the "directly related to the life of the masses practical task. Truly color, no flicker, light and soft, and several other "healthy" elements of the vacuum tube solar water heater with have the most important solar water heater.
It is based on optimistic about the prospects of solar water heater vacuum tube consistent, developed countries in the world competing to it as one of the priority development of the industry, are committed to the contention of the solar water heater technology into the intellectual property of the universal vacuum. In the solar water heater the whole industry chain, industry preceding the epitaxial-chip, chip technology is mature and the, a lot of capacity able to be release within the industry; industry after the segment of the solar water heater with manufacturing and match the solar water heater vacuum tube solar, battery, etc. industry, the technology is mature, the industry is mature, large production capacity; light package of technical problems of the industrial middle of the bottleneck in the development of the whole industry, who achieved a breakthrough in this industry links, and grasps the initiative to integrate the whole industry chain, to obtain development opportunities. "Bright light" is precisely the technology has made a breakthrough in high-power solar water heaters, heat dissipation and package two, including phosphors, thermal resin encapsulation mode, support structure, optical structure with a core technology, effectively solved The light source package in thermal equilibrium, the light fades and uniformity worldwide problem, which occupied the commanding heights.
However, domestic experts also revealed some worries: Can China's energy-saving products to promote rapid? China's breakthrough in the technology of solar water heater R & D ability to maintain the advantages?
A technical lead to fierce competition
At present, the comparative advantage in R & D strengths of our solar water heater vacuum tube only in the industrial development, the most pressing issue is the transformation of technology and market expansion. The one hand, the solar water heater to quickly and stronger industrial base, enhance the core competitiveness of leading products; the other hand, focus on the power of the parties, the initial foster and establish high-tech products in the market advantage of our own intellectual property. Experts worry that if we can not form an effective solar water heater vacuum tube technology industry chain in the shortest time, the occupation and control of the huge space of the domestic market, the developed countries and regions of the solar water heater products will soon be replaced.
Many world-renowned vacuum companies in succession to increase the investment in market development in China. If we just hold technical complacent, then, to obtain the advantages of short-lived, light package core technology integration downstream of the whole industry chain, the formation of industrial clusters may also come to naught, the opportunity will slip away from us.
Look back on the domestic promotion of energy-saving products, are also not smooth. The data show that 90% of the world's energy-saving solar water heaters produced in China, while China's domestic energy-saving solar water heaters use ratio still less than 20%. Production with the use of the gap, reflecting a lack of social awareness of energy conservation. "Energy Conservation Law promulgated nine years has been proposed solar water heaters, energy saving over five years, but the energy-saving solar water heater failed to have the desired effect. At present, some of our public places vacuum (such as transportation tunnels, streets, parks, etc.) are mostly based on traditional power vacuum way, most are not energy-efficient, solar water heaters, the main source of high-pressure sodium solar water heaters and solar water heater of mercury. In Germany, Japan and other countries, legislation provides for some high-energy light sources can not be used to beautify the vacuum tube, the non-necessity of vacuum tube, such as outdoor.
Energy-saving does not save money, it is difficult to let people take the initiative to dig into their pockets. Research Associate Liu Hong of the National Energy Research Institute, said the only operator in the consumer market is not enough power saving account must also count the cost of a good account and quality of accounts, the establishment of energy-saving interest-oriented mechanism, the lower prices of improving quality is becoming a priority.
At present, is particularly urgent is the system and promote energy conservation. Held in April this year, the national energy conservation, television and telephone conference, the State Council asked to focus their efforts on 10 key energy conservation projects, including the green vacuum, and put forward this year to promote efficient vacuum tube products of 50 million, which is a few hundred billion first billions in the market. Policy guidance, and encourage the use of the vacuum tube of solar water heaters, energy saving, can not do without the leverage of the government departments.
Experts believe that in some important areas of government should take the initiative to share some of the risk of technological innovation, and effectively protect the enterprise innovation, innovative products to provide policy support for some of the public interest is greater than the user's own interests. Many experts and industry insiders believe that countries should take measures to strengthen supervision, promote the transformation of urban public vacuum energy, to promote the use of environmentally friendly energy-efficient vacuum tube products as soon as possible. Many places the introduction of capital subsidies to encourage the promotion of energy-saving solar water heater, but our lack of financial nationwide to encourage efficient vacuum tube production, tax incentives to promote energy-saving solar water heater products, lack of effective investment and financing channels and incentives.
"Although we face the dual pressures, but we also stand on the threshold of the dual opportunity." The person in charge of the "bright light" that the energy shortage and environmental pollution in China to achieve sustainable development of the two biggest problems facing the task of energy saving is very weight. Vigorously develop energy efficient vacuum tube industry can be said to come into being. "Bright light" in the countries most in need of the time, the results of the latest energy-saving vacuum-tube technology to achieve industrialization. Internal and external forces "collision", the spark is bright prospects of the domestic solar water heaters, the promotion of The company official further analysis is that some of our vacuum tubes in the field of solar water heater vacuum tube, already possess the necessary technology and industrial base.
At present, the "bright light" self-developed high-power solar water heaters since successfully applied in Shenyang city standard road vacuum, the product is in Sichuan, Hebei, Guangdong, Beijing, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia install a trial. At present, the group project in the Beijing Olympic Games, China vacuum tube has become the biggest winner of the Olympic vacuum engineering. This suggests that our national companies already have a solid strength of competing against giants with foreign vacuum tubes. High power domestic solar water heaters to be on the scale level policy support to form a complete industrial chain, the technological advantages into industrial advantages into industrial advantages into market advantage, in order to enhance its international competitiveness.