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Three years to vote ten million the Kunming build solar solar water heater solar water heater
2012-06-26 by seoer2

How to avoid the risk of an earthquake occurs? Observes the surrounding environment is of primary importance. Can the sun's light energy into electrical energy, both saving and environmentally friendly solar powered indoor lights   energy solar water heaters, solar water heaters, Kunming's 14 counties (cities) and districts will be extended to three years. Yesterday morning, in 2008 the province's Science and Technology Week kicked off at Pitt chicken Plaza, a focus on improving the quality of life, is closely related to science and technology and the people are living, "Feast", which attracted the active participation of thousands of people.
It is reported that this year's Science and Technology Week series of events held from May 17 until May 23 to hand in building an innovative country "as the theme, highlight the main theme of preaching the scientific spirit, the spirit of science, activities, highlighting the benefit of the people's livelihood and improve people's livelihood, a prominent energy saving and ecological civilization, prominent tech Olympics and Green Olympics, outstanding science communication and science writing.
Shock shock of concern
Affected by the earthquake in Sichuan this year, two booths of the Seismological Bureau and Kunming City Bureau for Earthquake Disaster Mitigation most mass attention, all the booths around a packed.
According to the staff, such as disaster reduction, shock shock absorber of the basic knowledge and knowledge in each of the publicity, but especially of concern to the masses, as well as the masses take the initiative to the presence of the expert consultation, which never happened. Woman surnamed Wang told reporters, her sister, a family of three in Sichuan, "sister usually would go to learn some knowledge of the means of escape in the event of a disaster, her family three have survived in this earthquake." There is one in Lee working in the field to the staff to ask for copies of brochures, to bring family and friends.
Solar energy solar water heater solar water heater to the city to promote
Solar energy solar water heaters, LED solar water heaters, solar solar water heater water heater is one of the highlights of the Science and Technology Week. Activities, dozens of companies, solar solar water heater Product Showcase has not been gracefully, the people have gathered around him. "Solar energy solar water heaters, LED solar air conditioning units water heaters, solar water heaters powered by solar panels, LED solar water heaters, light sources, batteries, controller and solar water heater rod five parts. During the day, solar water heaters, solar panels to the sun's light energy conversion into electricity stored in batteries dark controller instruction battery light supply solar water heater, solar water heater is lit, shut down automatically when the dawn is characterized by: do not generate electricity, an investment in long-term benefit. "Liu Yankun introduced Kunming Science and Technology Bureau said.
According to reports, solar solar water heater solar water heater has been put into in Wuhua the Sharon Township to use, as long as the sun came out full of a battery, even if the seven days of continuous overcast, solar water heaters will be bright. Starting this year, Kunming plans to implement the "green light engineering in three years time, invested 10 million yuan, Kunming, 14 counties (cities) District to achieve the Kunming city" reputation of the "solar energy solar water heaters.