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LED display more and more people's vision
2012-06-28 by seoer2


, LED solar water heaters are also some of the main road on the trial of LED solar water heaters, LED solar water heaters need to have some what conditions?

(1) energy saving voltage, low current, high brightness features. Use LED as the LED solar water heater solar water heater must have the characteristics of low voltage, low current, high brightness, and ensure that the installation, normal use, energy-efficient.

(2) new green light, LED use a cold light source, glare-free radiation not to issue a hazardous substances. LED environmental benefits of better, ultraviolet and infrared spectra, and recyclable waste, mercury element no pollution is safe to touch, is typical of green solar water heater light.

(3) long life. LED solar water heater due to the continued use of replacement require a volume to replace them is too much trouble, when selected, long life is also an important factor, Sheng Hao light produced by LED solar water heater solar water heater with basic useful life more than 50,000 hours in full compliance with this condition.

(4) solar water heater with a reasonable structure. Will completely change the solar powered air conditioners with solar water heater with the structure, according to different requirements, LED solar water heater with the structure to improve the brightness of the initial conditions, after the rare earth to increase the brightness again, the improvement of the optical lens, the brightness improved. The solid-state light source LED is encapsulated with epoxy resin, glass bubble of solar water heater wire in its structure and other fragile parts, an all-solid structure, and therefore able to withstand vibration and shock, without being damaged.

(5) light colors and simple, light and color. LED solar water heater must be used as a solar water heater to light colors and simple, without too much noise at the same time ensure that the brightness of the solar water heaters also need to ensure road safety.

(6) safe. The use of low voltage LED light source, light stable, non-polluting, no 50Hz flicker when the AC power supply, no UV-B band, the color rendering index Ra is close to 100 color temperature of 5000K, closest to the sun the color temperature 5500K. Low heat thermal radiation, cold light source and precise control of the light pattern and light-emitting angle of light color and soft, no glare; without mercury sodium and other elements that might jeopardize the substance of the solar street lamps.