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Instantaneous electric water heaters: "metal tube" attack "glass tube"
2012-07-09 by seoer2

Learn the language of the generation in the life history of the electric water heater in China, namely the generation of the water heater is still babbling, but has won the true mass of the predecessors of our water heater: gas water heater Divine Wars MACRO, and war ten thousand music, electric water heater, Haier anti-wall World War II, AO Smith, Ariston ...
 From coming to the fore, the water heater two years of rapid growth, the PRC, according to data monitoring, January to June 2008, the domestic water heater, an increase of 73.4 percent, far higher than the overall market in 2000, slightly higher than in the first half of 2007 year-on-year increase in sales and sales of 440 million yuan and 25 million units, the average price of 1975 yuan, respectively 27.1% and 45% higher than the gas-fired water heaters and storage water heaters in sales The number of brands has reached 79, compared with 2006, an increase of 24 accounted for nearly 5% of the entire water heater market share of the annual market capacity. After nearly a decade of development, namely, the water heater industry has begun to take shape.
 The growth of the electric water heater, along with war, strife and constant strife stylist, the recent outbreak of the war of the genre of "metal tube" and "glass tube" genre.
 Genre of so-called "metal tube" refers to enterprises constitute the main components of the electric water heater, heating the materials from metal camp, the main material such as stainless steel, copper, and stainless steel, copper has good ductility can be made into a seamless copper tube, the thermal conductivity to enhance, but also effectively prevent the leakage, leakage, but the copper price higher than that of stainless steel, because of cost considerations, the majority of enterprises are using stainless steel as a liner and heater.
 The biggest advantage of the stainless steel heating element is a mature technology, stable performance, high thermal efficiency, and within 10 seconds, the power can reach 7500W to 8000W of hot water, use it immediately, without warm-up, saving time and energy saving.
 Behalf of the brand of "metal pipe" genre: Autran, AI Roca, Oulai Ke, Sri Lanka treasure Yachuang Secretary Knox ...
 Autran first to enter as a domestic brand of instant hot water heater industry, with first-mover advantage, market share of the highest return.
 Noteworthy is the largest exporter of hot electric water heater industry, AI Roca, invention patents with the most advanced anti-burn technology, demonstrates the technical strength in the market. At present, AI Roca hot electric water heater uses the most advanced thermostat technology, internal use of the computer module structure, with a shower anti-scald technology bubble detection technology, product positioning in the high-end quality.
 Mr. Yang Dingwu Ai musician, chief technology officer, and "fake anti-scald technology on the market differ is the true home of Ai Le" anti-scald technology, mainly AI Roca anti-scald technology concern is the water temperature tradition only concern compared to the interior temperature, dual anti-burn advantage, embodied the spirit of humane care of AI Roca brand, AI Roca, electric water heater products in addition to a large number of export to Europe, in China, a comprehensive listing of.
 Behalf of the brand of "metal pipe" genre another Oulai Ke water heater is a dark horse in the hot water heater industry, listed two years, stepped into the forefront of the market of the industry, and was named "Chinese famous brand" title. Oulai Ke Electric Co., Ltd. Chen Cheng, general manager of the metal tube heater in thermal efficiency and security advantages, higher energy efficiency.
 The so-called "glass tube" genre to the water heater main components of the tube solar water heater element materials from non-metallic composition of corporate camp on behalf of the brand: Hanover, Harvard ...
 The market's major non-metallic heating element made of three materials by the crystal (quartz), glass, ceramics sintered at high temperature, room temperature smear or printed form attached to a layer of heating material, non-metallic pipe outer wall made of nonmetallic materials. Crystal as electric water heaters heat the material in terms of security or thermal conductivity are the best medium to use technology more advanced "QSC" non-metallic crystal heating element in the market sought after by many customers, but also there are many manufacturers with into imitate, but because of the limitations of the technical level, stability, durability, etc., less than ideal performance. As the crystal is a natural scarce mineral, more expensive production and processing technology is also more difficult to determine it can not be widely used in the electric water heater, the currently popular on the market is a quartz glass tube.
 Performance comparison of the main material of the non-metallic heating element is shown below.
 Hanover, Harvard, the "glass tubes" that the main advantages of the electric water heater is truly furring to prevent leakage, leakage. The disadvantage of the schools of the glass tube crystal, ceramics, glass is fragile and higher requirements to install and transport, and heating efficiency is lower than the metal heating element, the loss is relatively large. Therefore, the rational design and use of non-metallic heating element is a complex process.
 "Metal tube" genre attack "glass tube" schools of the five key:
 A glass tube thermal conductivity of poor performance will cause a lot of energy waste in the heating process, the thermal efficiency is low;
 Second, using the outer wall of the heating, the wall is very high temperatures, the internal cold water through the glass tube internal contraction and expansion, resulting in a lot of distorted stress easily lead to the glass tube burst. Even if it does not burst, will greatly shorten the life of the glass tube;
 , The glass tube hardness, but the toughness is very small, limited ability to pressure, when the water pressure is too high, easily broken;
 Glass tube safety hazards, once the glass tube to burst or crack, the glass tube outer wall of the current and the water inside the glass tube Unicom together, so that the water charged, life-threatening safety;
 Five PTC electric film work for a period of time began to decay, power down the power of each work 360 hours decreased by about 10%.
 "Glass tube" camp to seize the camp of the soft underbelly of the metal tube: metal heating element can not avoid the scaling problem, non-metallic can effectively avoid fouling the water leakage, leakage risks.
 The the scale ills of the metal tube, Oulai Ke laser seamless double-layer welding, Oulai Ke, Zhongshan City Electric Co., Ltd. Chen Cheng, general manager of British Grameen 800 fever, an effective solution to this problem. Britain mangle 800 material used in aerospace nickel-chromium alloy, with the characteristics of easy attachment scale, corrosion resistance, high pressure, weak connections inside and outside the double layer welding, has been through the last 3600 hours life test. Oulai Ke has become a strong brand of hot electric water heater metal heating element technology camp.
 Metal heater leaking water heater, leakage risks, and professionals to enter this industry the most basic. Ai Yue companies, for example, engaged in home electronics products exported to Europe market a decade, electric hot water heaters are sold to developed countries in Europe, AI Roca, the implementation of the water heater is an international standard, domestic technology in the enterprise the highest level of laboratory hot electric water heater, leakage, leakage hidden probability is almost zero.
 Ai musician, chief technology officer, Mr. Yang Dingwu metal heating element of the water heater long been the perfect solution to the leakage, leakage hidden. After years of painstakingly researched, the AI ??Roca water heater with copper heating technology, good thermal conductivity, high thermal efficiency, long life, while difficult to scale, is difficult to leak, environmental protection and energy saving, copper materials antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and thus greatly improve the stability of the machine's durability. AI Roca brand has been positioned in the Chinese water heater industry brand leaders, and its efforts to enhance the brand value of Ai musicians continue to regulate the internal management, product development and other aspects.
 Water heater metal and long-term PK of the two camps of non-metallic heating element, so that the solar water heaters industry as a whole technology rapid development, the final decision on the determination of who wins the market will always be consumers. Of course, regardless of the final metal heating element to win, or non-metallic heating element more advantages, and even more appropriate and feasible alternative materials, the ultimate beneficiaries will be consumers.