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solar water heater market bleak
2012-07-11 by seoer2

Learned visited Urumqi HUALING solar market, originally from April to the solar season in June, this year is unusually bleak a day, could not sell a single weekend, but two or three, the capital of solar market sales does not move, businesses with respect mention is not. "
If this situation continues, the expected sales last month more than in the first half of this year. "Said the Xeikon chinese solar water heater manager Junjie. In fact, the Hualing trade the size of the city merchants, are in for depression this year's market to worry about.
Learned through visits, Hualing market fixed merchants to do solar energy sales of less than 10 prefectures wholesale business of second-tier brands, plus do a rough estimate of less than 30.
Reporters to stay in the market for an hour, only three consumers to come to counseling, and no transaction. Several guards storefront merchants sit together and chat, Temple Solar Sales in Xinjiang Zhang Haojun, the capital of the main customer base is self-help housing and unit procurement, the crowd too little solar market is really one year gas water heater on the impact of the solar energy market is also getting bigger, really can not be mentioned.
The face of the commonplace installation constrained problem, the four businesses interviewed more embarrassed. Some of the top floor being bought out the non-top floor of the households to install solar, you need the consent of the consent of the top floor of the household, on this point, most are installed. "In addition, outdoor solar garden lights energy for more than six storeys users, during use, the heat can be lost, amounting to less than ideal bath or use state, more people are willing to choose a gas water heater or electric water heater.