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annular eclipse approaching solar water heater can do
2012-07-11 by seoer2

Solar everywhere we see the most oblique erect a solar collector in the old district or rural on the roof, above, filled with a horizontal length of the tank, the heat accumulated by the collector is directly stored in this tank for bathing and to provide life hot water. Installed on the technical requirements are lower, with the implementation of the policy of home appliances to the countryside, this almost is the most popular use of solar energy products in the domestic residents. This product is just the basic embodiment of the solar technology. The solar technology is now very comprehensive and advanced, single solar energy to provide residential hot water this one there are various options. Split solar collector, a balcony wall-mounted solar equipment. Have a heat absorber, high-quality vacuum tube or flat-plate collector with a heat-absorbing layer made of copper or aluminum alloy and heat transport through the middle of the copper conduit and inside the thermal media stored in the tank. Due to a vacuum inside the glass tube, and air as the thermal conductivity material, the heat loss is extremely rare.
The solar collectors can be installed, a complete set of energy efficient home solar water heater system and boiler joint. Depending on the size of the heating area, an exact match to the required solar collector area. Plus the power of the boiler with hot water the peak of the maximum possible use of solar renewable clean energy, to ensure reliable and constant comfortable temperature. Under the premise of providing the same amount of heat, such a combined system can save 60% energy consumption of the fuel gas. The country's 12th Five-Year Plan in the case of deterioration of the global climate, energy efficient and develop new energy clear for one of the national policy. The use of solar energy not only reduces the energy consumption of petroleum, but also reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
In terms of solar energy products Viessmann representatives of the vanguard of technology and quality in the industry. Viessmann from 30 years ago, began to study the production of solar products, a full set of products tailored to different customers. Fishman as a family business, founded in 1917, the family business, the nature of its development strategy has a vision and not instant success, Viessmann heating products covering almost all areas of energy, for different customers to the amount of tailor the overall heating system. Solar products and boiler, water tanks, etc. can be a perfect match. Like Lego blocks. Not once purchased and installed a few years if you want to update or expand the device based on the original, can easily matching with the original equipment.
Fido wins Vitosol 200-T highly efficient heat pipe vacuum tube collectors. The solar powered indoor lights pipe is a copper vacuum, DC collector with the German Patent and high thermal efficiency, small footprint, easy installation and maintenance, product heat absorption rate of 95% or more. Inside the copper collector layer can be beveled or flat installation can be tiled in the completion of the roof, mounted on the roof and building integration, or vertical installation, beautiful and practical. Fido wins Vitosol 300-T collector by stainless steel bellows connector for quick connection. Axial rotation, each pipeline can be precisely oriented to the sun. The connection of the pipeline is dry, because the transmission did not occur between the media and the water contact. Pipeline connection is perfect, even when the device is filled with state of pipelines to be replaced.