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Compact solar water heater
2012-07-13 by seoer2


        A. Collector and storage tank separation, the full pressure to run.

        Two. Using specially designed chinese solar water heater control device, automatic and reliable operation.

        3. Tank insulation can be placed anywhere in the room.

        4. Heat pipe vacuum tube collectors, double-loop system, plumbing, round use.

        5 Superconducting metal heat pipe collector, vacuum tube does not go to minus 50 degrees in the north of the water, as usual heating, never fried tube.

        6. Enamel interior solar electric tank, the pressure to run, easy to use.

        7. Constant temperature water, the upper limit temperature setting, timer thermostat electric heating, set the data off memory protection, 24 hours hot water.

        8. The split design, elegant appearance.

        9. The collector can be installed in the balcony, south wall, sloping roof, canopy.

        10. Modular design, modular assembly, easy transportation and installation, the real integration and architecture.

    Type (including wall-mounted) outdoor solar garden lights system is a comprehensive energy conservation and environmental protection systems, the collector is suitable for diversification in a variety of architectural styles, the installation location to become the embellishment of architectural aesthetics,
In line with national policy requirements for "green energy efficient building, an essential technology of urban energy-efficient buildings, real estate, ideal accessory products, to provide a comfortable lifestyle for the family and business life.
In the next few years, central heating project will become the main way of solar sales, which, split solar hot water system will be the gradual popularization of higher income consumer groups.