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water heater purchase instructions: "liner" is the most critical
2012-07-15 by seoer2

 A good liner for the water heater, like the body of the motor of the washing machine, LCD TV panel, inside the computer CPU can determine the overall product performance and life.
Recently, many users have encountered in the bathing process, the risk of liner leakage of electric water heaters, the bursting of the accident, a tremendous safety hazard to people's family life. In this regard, industry experts said the reasons for these problems, the user did not choose the solar power garden lights "liner", if you choose correctly, this security issue is unlikely to occur. Well, a good liner how to define it? The experts also give a specific answer:
, And discernment of the liner material difference
In the electric water heater market, you can see the people of numerous types of liner, Kim Kyu-liner, titanium liner, quartz, enamel, sapphire, etc. to meet the limitation. However, experts say, These are merchants used to attract consumers gimmick, in fact, the electric water heater liner is nothing more than there are two, a stainless steel liner, a porcelain enamel interior.

Stainless steel liner to high temperature, corrosion resistant, and stable performance, not rusty, but difficult to weld, easy to leave the weld, it is easy to rust over time, weld, resulting in leaking, causing hidden. Enamel interior surface layer of enamel, rust on the market today, most manufacturers have opted for this liner. However, many enterprises in order to save costs, the use of low-grade carbon steel plate only two layers of bile, there is a fish-scale blasting, acid etching, and dissolve faster a variety of issues, the low life. Fortunately, part of the domestic water heater manufacturers in the traditional technology based on the enamel interior upgrade, called the Diamond three gall types come to the fore, which uses the enamel of special ultra-fine powder, after a 890-degree heat sintering and finally form a dense three-bile: containing the enamel layer, adhesion layer, decarburized steel layer, making the anti-dissolution, antiknock, acid greatly improved, in order to extend solar water heaters life.