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the classification of the solar water heater
2012-07-19 by seoer2

The benefits of solar water heaters is obvious. Energy saving, environmental protection and safety. Its structure can be roughly divided into the following categories:
From the collector part to:
The vacuum tube solar water heater: endothermic efficiency of the collector part of it has the advantage, and do not need to increase the insulation layer in the collector section, and now the vacuum glass tube in terms of resistance to high temperature, anti-strike and insulation, are the best performance, but also the vast majority of solar water heater manufacturers. The disadvantage is that the volume is relatively large, easily assembled scale tube.
The metal plate solar water heater: excellent heat transfer performance of sheet metal, covered with heat-absorbing coating, metal heat transfer, and transfer the absorbed heat in the tank. Its a little beautiful appearance, easy installation, can be made into tablet, and not easily damaged. Disadvantage is that: the insulation to spend a great price, high cost, indirectly, is to increase the burden on consumers;
2, from the structure to Category:
Ordinary solar water heater: vacuum glass tube inserted directly into a water tank, heating the water cycle, water temperature in the tank, which is the current manufacturers have adopted. Is also a popular to most conventional water heater. Generally change the class of water heater only the top level can be used, unless the top-level user and you downstairs especially iron, and the roof area is limited.
Split Water Heater: The split-type water heater solution is not the top-level users can also use the birth of solar water heaters. Split cycle of two kinds, one is relying on natural circulation of water, this water heater heat exchange efficiency is very low, far from being able to meet the water requirements; another is to rely on the pump loop heat exchange, which is the natural cycle of efficiency in order to solve the problem of low use of the pump cycle, can significantly improve home solar water heater heat exchanger.
3, under pressure from the tank to:
Pressurized solar water heater: At present, no matter what kind of split-type water heater, there is a fatal flaw, you must use a pressurized tank, which is the basic idea of ??all split-type water heater, a direct test of the collector part sealing performance; high cost of the manufacture of pressure tank, there are security issues, the general requirements for pressure 7 atmosphere; cycle effect is not very satisfactory. Although the settlement of the water cycle and use of water, the convenience.
Non-pressure solar water heater: Ordinary solar water heater installed in the roof are all non-pressure type solar powered garden lights, water tank, a tube connected with the atmosphere, is the height of drop of the roof and home, using water pressure. Its safety, cost, service life than than pressurized to be much more significant. Unfortunately, the roof is limited.