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gas water heater, electric water heater resurgence \ "war of words \ '
2012-07-22 by seoer2

Water heaters, security issues have been constrained and troubled by the whole development of the industry a major problem. The water heater giant has instigated several rounds of World War II, caused by repeated burning, electricity and two corps of the contest and game. During frequent exposure of the tragedy caused by improper use of gas water heater, to the consumer brought a lingering shadow.
Gas water heater companies made it clear that the course of development and trends of the international water heater, gas water heater is the future mainstream of development.
The gas water heater a comeback, the entry point of the challenge on the "backwater" and "living water" above. Blue Monk, secretary-general of the China National Hardware Association, electric water heater with storage water, stagnant water. solar powered indoor lights at 80 degrees, easy to produce the propagation of microorganisms, and the water contains rust, impurities, and heavy metal ions on human skin damage. Gas water heater with water, running water, there is no such worries.
Zhu Tong, general manager of Shenzhen adoption of the marketing company, analysts believe that the two camps diametrically opposed to the death, running water dispute, and will allow gas water heater and electric water heaters. The gas-electric war "results are not necessarily there will be losers, it is possible to arouse the consumers in a wider range of thinking, to promote the upgrading of their products, create consumers, manufacturers of" win-win "situation.
Water heater the same category of gas, electricity, energy, heat pump divided. For a long time, gas water heaters occupy a dominant market position, but in the late 1990s, electric water heater gradually rise in the market, the market has a rate of catching up with gas water heater.
As the national electricity situation is increasingly serious, objective consumer product energy efficiency requirements. Electric water heater manufacturers have to seize the energy-saving concept, played the energy card, but limited to their own works and fever, the actual work of the electric chinese solar water heater thermal efficiency level is still relatively low, from the real energy-saving targets, still lags behind. Energy efficient gas water heater to be favored.
In this context, the gas water heater products do not need to store hot water, which means that the heat that is, bath, test the thermal efficiency and the use of thermal efficiency is basically the same, and the thermal efficiency of up to about 85% leaving consumers happy --- for consumers , energy-saving means that the cost of living savings