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seize the high ground to the rate of condensing water heater to heat up
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Condensing water heaters, energy saving and environmentally friendly
In the field of gas water heaters, condensing technology is the most energy efficient, most environmentally friendly energy utilization technologies.
According to the million and the Group's senior engineers introduced, water heater, gas combustion of high-temperature flue gas contains large amounts of water vapor. Ordinary water heater in the high temperature flue gas heat and water vapor latent heat of vaporization is simply discharged out. Condensing compared with the ordinary gas water heater, the increase of a condensing heat exchanger, the exhaust temperature is reduced to below the dew point of flue gas, so a lot of water vapor condensing into liquid water, releasing the latent heat of vaporization, the condensation heat exchanger recycling, and thus a substantial increase in thermal efficiency. In general, the thermal efficiency of condensing water heater at home and abroad to achieve more than 95%, and the current national standard gas water heater thermal efficiency of 80%.
It is learned that will be the introduction of the gas water heater energy efficiency standards for energy efficiency rating of the gas water heater divided into three classes. An energy efficiency the highest value of the thermal efficiency of not less than 96%, the value of the two thermal efficiency of not less than 88%, the value of the three thermal efficiency of not less than 84%.
According to the national quality inspection center of gas appliances, deputy Renwang Qi said condensing water heater meets the requirements of an energy efficiency standards, energy saving effect is much higher than the average gas water heater is already a hot topic of the international market, and is the direction of the development of efficient domestic water heaters .
The condensing water heaters will bid farewell to the "cold market"
Condensing water heaters, energy saving and environmentally friendly
. After last year's million and, MACRO formally condensing water heater to the Gome, Suning Appliance stores consumers to see more, buy less. The reason is mainly the more than 4000 yuan price of the most difficult for consumers to accept - and with l the number of non-condensing gas water heater, the price is almost doubled.
Why the price of the condensing water heater so high?
Million and the Group's water heater product planning staff to the media, said condensing chinese solar water heater internal structure of the complex, compared to non-condensation of ordinary water heater condensate in the combustion, heat exchange, the control system on new issues, and we want to solve and anti-corrosion and other technical and process costs. In the past, such products are only marketable in the European and Japanese markets.
In recent years, the domestic enterprises mainly focus on the technology breakthrough of condensate. For example, in 2001 successfully developed the first condensing water heater, successfully developed the first thermal efficiency of the end of 2005 exceeded 100% the V100 condensing balance water heater, in condensing technology has reached international advanced level.
The technical issue is resolved. Now, to consider how to solve the problem of high cost.
Months of technical research, and condensing technology successfully applied in the size of the market accounted for nearly half of the strong emission-type water heaters of the entire gas water heater, and then use the million and a unique force the heat exchanger and enhanced combustion of six energy-saving technologies, latest coagulation sense "strong emission water heaters condensing for V100 condensing balance water heater in terms of both significantly reduce the cost of production, but also to ensure the energy efficiency of the thermal efficiency of 98%.
At present, the the condensate sense compared with the market the same l number of non-condensing water heater retail price of strong emission, only a few hundred dollars higher, or even lower than some foreign brands.
It should be said that hinder the development of condensing water heater price threshold has been across the condensing solar heating water is expected to heat up.
Million and to be leading industry into energy-saving universal time
As energy-efficient gas water heaters, condensate flu "series in the end can save much gas do?
Water heater national energy efficiency standard was drafted by the Working Group, an information display, if the country residents use the water heater energy saving of 10%, the annual savings of 1.4 billion cubic meters of liquefied gas, 4.1 billion cubic meters of natural gas, 8.2 billion cubic meters of artificial gas. Series of the condensate sense "than ordinary water heaters, energy saving effect can then exceed the above data nearly doubled - energy efficiency is very impressive.