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air source heat pump water heater marketing outlook
2012-07-31 by seoer2

The energy of tension and improvement of the installed capacity of electricity, technological progress, the country's preferential policies, and the whole society to energy saving and other external environmental factors, the cut of the air source heat pump water heater brand development opportunities.

Since the energy of tension and improvement of electric power installed capacity, since 1993, China became an oil importing country, the foreign dependency has gradually increased, including oil, coal, natural gas, including the issue of energy security has attracted the government and scholars of common concern. With the rising international oil prices, coal prices, gas prices, the economic pressure to bear by domestic enterprises, the public is growing increasingly higher costs. In 2005, China increased by 50.55 million kilowatts of generating capacity, the total installed capacity of more than 440 million kilowatts. With the domestic Three Gorges Project, the completion of the four nuclear power plants of the tree 10 large hydropower Xiangjiaba Hydropower Baihetan, Hydropower, etc., Qinshan Phase II, Phase III, Tin Wan, Ling Ao nuclear power plant, the power situation will be greatly changed . Energy prices and the improvement of the domestic power situation coupled with the energy efficiency of air source heat pump water heater is an important factor to promote air source heat pump water heater market growth. In addition, heat pump manufacturing companies also played a role in fueling. Early in the promotion of air source heat pump water heaters, many heat pump manufacturers to make unremitting efforts to publicize and guidance, to some extent, promote the upgrading requirements of boiler products, promote the growth of increment of heat pump products.

Air source heat pump solar powered garden lighting industry, the tilt of the national policy

View in accordance with the 2003-2006 3-year growth of energy consumption trends, energy demand in 2020 will reach over 40 million tons of standard coal. Such a huge demand in coal, oil and electricity supply and energy security will bring about a serious problem. Accompanied by rising energy prices, prompting the country to pay more attention to energy conservation issues. August 23, 2006, the State Council issued a decision on strengthening energy conservation, pointing out that the energy problem has become an important factor restricting China's economic and social development, energy conservation must be placed in a prominent strategic position, clearly the implementation of energy conservation tax incentives policy. Future energy-saving products will be given in the tax and R & D policy tilt. Local governments continue to be introduced to give preferential policies for energy-saving products, introduced in most cities such as Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other relevant provisions, eliminated the low value of the high-energy coal, oil boiler products, and urging the power system to give concessions on the price of electricity. Tilt from the central to local policy, to some extent stimulated the increase in the consumption of heat pump products to promote the growth of the increment of heat pump products.

Enterprises, policy makers and the general public, as well as the concept of change

With energy prices rising, people more and more attention to improve their living environment. Enterprises, policy makers and the public in considering the hot water project, in addition to consider security more important to consider environmental protection and energy saving, environmental protection and energy efficiency of heat pump water heater fits the demands of everyone, for product sales growth has created great deal of space. Heat pump enterprise with the help of a good brand image and provide consumers with one-stop full-service but also for enterprises to create more value growth.

The change of the channel. With the development of the building materials market and specialty stores system, heat pump water heater brands have begun to consider its own sales network to expand. The original distributor of solar, boiler dealers, central air conditioning dealers, kitchen and bath dealers due to intense competition, profits began to fall, began to consider other emerging products for the company to bring new profit growth point. Heat pump water heater as a novel energy saving and environmental protection, natural into the eyes of these dealers, many dealers to join and expand the intensity of the heat pump knowledge conveyed to consumers in the terminal market, the heat pump market is slowly warm up, driven by the heat solar heating water industry. With the heat pump market development, channel brand of heat pump water heater is more direct. When coupled with the the popular Europe and the United States the big amount of water of Bathing Culture in has been promotion of it to domestic, the the the consumption orientation of of the domestic consumers has also undergone a the, great changes have, the previous a a single of the shower, more and more inclined the family central hot water, When the the such consumption it often it becomes a habit and I become its the mainstream heat pump products, the potential market space will be excavated and the heat pump enterprise product line will be extended even longer