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three systems performance comparison
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The three systems present, only the trough line focus system to achieve commercialization, the other two in the demonstration phase, and realize the possibilities and prospects of commercialization. The three systems can be used alone solar run, can also be installed into the fuel mixture system.
China's solar thermal power technology research and development work began as early as in the late 1970s, but because of technology, materials, components and related technologies not been solved, coupled with lack of funds, geothermal power projects has to stop and dismount. Country "85" plans to small parts and materials research project with the technical reserve, there is no experimental prototype, the gap with foreign countries.
    4. Solar house.
    The sun room is an important aspect of direct solar radiation. Housing as a collector, and efficient insulation materials, translucent materials, energy storage materials, organically integrated with the architectural design of the housing to absorb as much as possible and save the solar energy, housing solar power air conditioner purposes. Combine to form sun room concept and building a solar building technology has become the hot solar sector of common interest and the construction industry. The solar house can save energy consumption by 75% to 90%, and has a good environmental and economic benefits, become an important aspect of national utilization of solar energy technology. Europe in a leading position in the solar house technology and applications, especially in the glass coating, windows, transparent insulation materials is a world leader.
    China's solar house development and utilization since the early 1980s, the end of 1997, the country has already built the 74O million square meters of solar houses, mainly in rural areas of Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai and Tibet. Among them, 400 primary and secondary schools in Liaoning Province, the construction of passive solar houses with a total area of ??5O ten thousand square meters. China's passive solar houses per square meter construction area per year savings 2O ~ 4O kg of standard coal.
    Development of China's solar house the following problems: design and construction of sun room does not and building truly combine to become the architects' design ideas and concepts, not included in building codes and standards, to some extent affected the rapid development and commercialization of . Followed by the translucent insulation materials, light control glass, coatings and energy-saving windows and other commercialization, so that the level of the sun room is restricted.
    More frequent use of the solar greenhouse for vegetables and flowers grown in northern China. The solar greenhouse total area of ??about 700 acres, to play a good value for money.
    5 Thermal utilization in other areas.
    Our country is the largest producer of solar cookers, mainly in the northwest of Gansu, Qinghai, Tibet and other remote and rural applications. There are approximately 150,000 solar cookers in use. Mainly reflex parabolic. Opening area of ??1.6 to 2.5 square meters. Each solar heating water cooker can save 300 kg of standard coal.
    Solar drying is a heat utilization. China has installed more than 1000 sets of solar drying system with a total area of ??about 20,000 square meters. Mainly used for grain, wood, vegetables, herbs dry and so on.