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Select solar energy is easy to fall into several major errors
2012-08-02 by seoer2

Myth: "with hot water than with cold water to spend more money". Twice as hot water from the wash and sterilization effect is worth five times in cold water, but tube solar water heater savings, and better health promotion.
Myth: Use of hot water is now heated, to wait ". Emperor Ming of the "hot center of winter crown allows you to want to wash on wash, hot water at any time at any time, do not wait any longer.
Myth: "multi-use hot water to spend more heating money. Emperor Ming winter series to take advantage of free solar energy, heating hot water, not money, not white do not.
Myth: "buy a water solar powered air conditioners is only used to take a bath". In fact, the hot water should become the protagonist of the water of life, not just a bath, can be used to vegetables (remove pesticide residues), washing dishes (High-greasy wash), laundry (save and make full use of washing powder), mopping the floor (effective clean stains, car washing to protect the finish) and so on. This is not only the needs of health and hygiene, is to improve the quality of life and a symbol of the progress of human civilization.
Myth: "solar energy in winter can not be bad". In fact, the Emperor Ming winter series winter as easy to use, because it is equipped with three high vacuum tube of the leading international technology still out of hot water, cold conditions.
Myth: "Solar to buy a small economy more. Do not think like a 25 inch color TV, compared to 29-inch is a small point, improvise can also line up. In fact, the difference between solar and solar is like color TV and black and white TV, are essentially different. Large will be able to allow you time to time with hot water, with hot water for everything with hot water, long-term appeared to be more cost-effective.