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water source heat pump recharge technology and engineering seminars in Beijing, Zhao
2012-08-07 by seoer2

Sponsored by the Professional Committee of China Institute of Refrigeration, air conditioning heat pumps, water source heat pump system recharge and technological exchanges and Application Conference held in Beijing. Secretary-General of the China Refrigeration Institute of air-conditioning heat pump Professional Committee Wang Dongqing, Harbin Institute of Technology doctoral supervisor Ma the most-liang Professor Professor Zhengke Yan, director of the China Energy Research Society, geothermal Professional Committee, China Geological Survey, shallow ground temperature can research and promotion center Liuqing Xiao, Tianjin Geothermal exploration development Design Institute director of the Institute of Geology, Zhao Sumin, Chen Yan, director of the Professional Committee of Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Civil Engineering and Architecture Institute of ground source heat pump China, deputy chief engineer Liu Hongwei of Wuhan Geological solar air conditioning system Investigation Institute, Hebei Institute of geothermal resource development recharge Research Office, LIU Jin-sheng, China Academy of Building Research Building Environment and Energy Director, Institute for Yuandong Li Meng is the President of the Chinese-owned intellectual environment, Energy Technology Research Institute, China University of Mining and Technology, Professor Wang attended the meeting and delivered the keynote speech. Architectural Design, Research Institute, water source heat pump manufacturers, university teachers and students, construction china solar water heater a total of more than 100 people attended the meeting.