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Wheel production and selection
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A depth of solar transmission wheel technology

Summer the sun is shining the most profound endless, when the sun is exudes its own unique light Fuyao earth. Because I want to learn the ins and outs of this product in the next wheel, Dongguan Yi Quan Co., Ltd. Today's destination is good in this area of ??the wheel; not before the arrival of the author on the wheel know very little about. The wheel also interview? This sentence has been echoed in their hearts, but I believe when I really interview after I definitely would not be so superficial to think that a.
Exactly what wheel on the solar equipment is doing what? We start to understand: the sun drive wheel as an accessory on the solar energy equipment, it plays a role of the bond and bridge to drive the operation of the entire device. Beneficial Springs company specializing in the production of wheel manufacturers in the technology and solar power air conditioner have a deep foundation. This is a very fortunate time, the author of this interview beneficial Springs produced by the drive wheel in charge of Mr. Chen, and close contact to the first-line technical staff, for me this "white" is really a happiness.

Wheel as the ties of the equipment, the bear decided to part one of the device whether the functioning of its manufacturing processes and selection of materials that is quite strict.

Mr. Chan for the choice of material has its own unique insights, he thought away select the drive wheel of the different materials under different circumstances. For example, under conditions of high temperature or corrosive syrup should I use the drive wheel of the PVDF material, because it has a high temperature (less than or equal to 260 degrees) and anti-corrosive. If it is not in the case of high temperature or corrosive syrup, customers should use the drive wheel of the PP material. Local conditions is the most correct, blindly choose good materials do not look at the environment makes equipment wear and tear is more serious; choose suitable materials and production, a combination of both is the perfect process.

There are two roller production of wheel problems that need solar power air conditioning the most:

The first point to note that the accuracy of the roller surface

The second point is to pay attention to the straightness. Surface accuracy and straightness of less than the client device will affect the functioning of the entire equipment, serious production process will lead to a lot of problems, resulting in greater losses to the customer.

After-sale is the largest value of

As we all know most afraid of is the after-sales stop one day, that is tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of loss, aftermarket fast solution is enterprise value.

Problems for customers to use our production wheel general, the first time to reflect to the company, if conditions permit condition, we will come to the customer's company, with customers to discuss problems and come to deal with program! Responsibility is to our side cause, we will try for warranty, if not, we will re-production to the customer a, not the interests of its clients suffer.

Chatting unknowingly chatting time has been for a long time, because I hope that a better understanding of the specific technology of the wheel, Mr. Chen introduced me to the benefits Quan, director of the accessories shop Wei, he was responsible for the products, accessories and production supervisor, production process There are many small processes Wei person to examine.

Wei with the author visited the workshop, and explain in detail the production of the most important quality and production process requirements, by the author.

Details of the absolute quality of products

"We generally do is equipment accessories for the lack of products, customer feedback direct feedback to the production of the finished production line, as long as the design drawings provided by customers is not an error, under normal circumstances, our accessories here there will not be what problems does not mean we can relax management, equipment, accessories for the finished product is very important, if any one finished the internal accessories, the quality of the finished product will greatly reduce the contrary, great good quality products factor is due to the details well. "