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A new efficient flat plate collector design
2012-08-13 by seoer2

In the 1980s, had accounted for the dominance of China's solar water heater solar water heater in the last decade or so has been all-glass vacuum tube solar water heater replacement, market share declined year by year. But this did not happen to such changes in foreign solar water heater market. From a global perspective, solar water heater and vacuum tube solar water heater on the market dominated by these two kinds of solar water heaters there are large differences in the global distribution of flat plate solar water heater widely distributed all over the world distribution, and vacuum tube solar water heaters are mainly distributed in China. The performance of solar collectors, vacuum tube collectors in the winter than flat plate collectors, both roughly the same in spring and autumn, while Xia Jiping plate collectors dominant. In China because of the production and sales of vacuum tube collector has entered a virtuous cycle, production costs dropped solar powered garden lights , fairly basic and flat-plate collector. But with the development needs of the building integrated solar technology, people need an easy integration of solar collectors and the surrounding built environment, while the flat-plate collector at this point because of its structure and architecture than the vacuum tube collector device easier to people to accept.

To do this through learning and the introduction of foreign advanced solar panel production technology and processing technology, research and development and manufacturing for the Chinese market needs? Whole new generation of new highly efficient flat plate collector, the absorber selection of the most advanced imported from Germany "super blue film coating. This collector structure to facilitate hidden installation and architecture, elegant appearance, better able to meet the requirements of the building integrated solar energy.

A flat-plate collector material selection and structural design

1.1 flat-plate collector material selection

1.1.1 collector is a highly selective coating "super blue film"

Core of the solar collector panels "super blue film" coating the physical vacuum by a specially developed method, the argon ions under the action of the electric and magnetic fields, accelerated to bombard targets sputtering out a large number of target atoms and neutral target atoms or molecules deposited on the substrate surface coating associated to plating in the roll-up metal belt. Its heat absorption rate of 95% ± 2, the thermal emission rate of 5% ± 2, and the technical specifications of up to 300 ℃ and wet conditions solar power air conditioning unchanged, and has strong adhesion and strong wear resistance. "Super blue film coating is not only a high absorption rate of the coating, but also in the same time to reduce reflective heat exists within the absorber. The results show that, even in cloudy weather conditions can also greatly improve the work efficiency of the collector plate.