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phase change thermal energy storage technology is widely used in cold chain logistics
2012-08-19 by seoer2

Broadly speaking, the energy storage technology is different forms of chemical energy, hydro, heat, electricity and other energy needed to store in case of need be released to provide the technology used. The phase change energy storage technology is the three-phase characteristics of the material (ie the mutual conversion between the solid, liquid, gas) to achieve energy storage and release can. Water, for example: solid phase, ice, liquid water, gas is water vapor. Solid phase of ice into liquid water needs to absorb a lot of heat is endothermic phenomenon, and vice versa from the liquid water into ice, solid phase to be released a lot of heat (or absorb large amounts of cold) which is exothermic phenomenon . The physical material in the phase solar powered garden lights temperature and no phase change occurs, the absorption and release of heat several times to several hundred times. The so-called phase change thermal energy storage is the use of this principle, the different temperature requirements of the cold-chain transport phase transition temperature of the material for a reasonable allocation of the effect of phase change heat storage, their physical reactions to verify the law of conservation of energy.
    Mention in the daily application of cold chain logistics will think of refrigeration. In fact, when refrigeration and insulation is a relative concept. In other words, in the cold chain logistics and transport than in refrigeration technology, is also reflected in the thermal protection technology.
    Phase change energy storage technology in the cold chain solar power air conditioning and transport is relatively broad, mainly related to the air cold chain transportation, cold chain transportation by land, rail transport. Phase change thermal energy storage (storage, heat storage) core technology can also provide a summer cold, winter cold chain insulation of heat retaining professional and customized solutions.