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Floor heating should be noted six errors parsing details
2012-08-21 by seoer2

1. Floor heating will increase the floor load-bearing

    The some residential unemployed worried owners do to warm will increase the floor load-bearing, so the provisions of the district will be allowed to do to warm. In fact, the ultra-thin floor heating products, without pouring cement, building body that does not increase the load-bearing.

    2. Floor heating will occupy storey

    Residents of our bedroom storey care about the exchange of the most important problems in doing business with the owners if the height calculation ... only 12MM ultra-thin warm thinnest of-storey almost no effect.

    3. To warm the pipe will be blocked

    Independent heating the general use of the boiler, the water in the floor solar powered garden lights circuit is closed, generally do not need to be replaced, it is not possible to clogging problem. Access central heating system to warm the problem because it involves a central heating pipe corrosion aging you sure you want to take into account the reading to plug the problem, but do to warm with filtration devices.

    4. Floor heating pipe heating loud sound will affect the downstairs residents

    Water to warm the pipe loop is closed, no gas, and the work is very calm, no sound. To warm only conducive to the sound insulation.

    5. Leakage problem

    Good quality pipe lifetime is longer even than the life of the building, it was for the destruction of another matter, quality, the owners can find warm installation company and pipe manufacturers claims. But if to warm the project will not be so vulnerable.

    Leakage after traditional floor heating is needed planing, but not all are planing to suppress which loop you can find a problem. The new floor heating also need to find the problem opened the floor deal with the problem, just to deal with the problem is relatively simple.

    Own home improvement gas furnace ground the heated closed loop, water is not so much to stealing the extent, the ultra-thin warm up only 2.16 liters of solar powered air conditioners in a loop.